10 Amazing Farmers Markets to Visit in the Hudson Valley


Whether you are visiting as a local or a guest, the Hudson Valley warmly welcomes everyone. From fresh vegetables and fruits to local meat and delicious homemade treats, Hudson’s captivating markets have it all. Apart from food production, these markets also offer unique souvenirs. With farm-to-table cuisines, stopping by this amazing place is a must.

But whenever a market begs to be explored, it becomes difficult to choose where to explore. Here are ten amazing markets in the Hudson Valley that are worth visiting.

ten Wallkill View Farmer’s Market

With each season offering something, travelers to this beautiful place leave delighted. It has it all: soil, fertilizer, shrubs, trees, unique sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and delicious ice cream. Additionally, customers can find Christmas trees and other holiday embellishments for festivals. Along with the wagon rides and children’s activities that take place on weekends in October, you can pick fresh pumpkins. Visitors also enjoy delicious pastries such as muffins and pies along with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

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9 Hudson Farmer’s Market

With a comprehensive collection of baked goods, dairy, eggs, meat, fish and fresh produce, this charming area has it all. The delicious and well-prepared dishes allow friends and families to come together over a healthy meal. Several vendors offer something, and visitors are sure to leave this place delighted. Plus, with live music every week, patrons of this place will be thoroughly entertained.

8 Beacon Farmers Market

Open all year; the pretty Beacon Farmers Market has it all. From organic vegetables, fruits and mushrooms to suitably prepared cheese, and many more, this market leaves its visitors satisfied. But what makes this market special is its Greens4Green program which ensures that the farmer’s market is accessible to all members of society. Wine lovers can sample locally brewed spirits and wines while interacting with residents. Plus, joining one of the live music events is a great way to wrap up the tour.

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seven Kingston Farmers Market

Located in a beautiful grassy yard in Mike Wallace Park, the Kingston Farmer’s Market is open to everyone. You can start your visit by tasting local organic fruits and vegetables. With artisans showcasing their handmade arts, travelers can shop for souvenirs. This market also offers baked goods, jam, cheese, homemade ice cream and body products. Visitors and locals can interact over a picnic, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Additionally, this site offers weekend activities such as live music and children’s activities that travelers can participate in.

6 Green Acres Farm

Green Acres Farms is a must on the list when planning to explore upstate New York. Founded in 1915, four generations of the Yandik family have owned this fantastic farm. It contains heirloom tomatoes, fruits such as plums and blueberries, vegetables, raw honey, eggs and many more. Their organic and farm-fresh produce guarantees customers a healthy and tasty meal. For foodies on a tight budget, this destination is worth every penny as they can enjoy mouth-watering pies, delicious homemade cookies, sweet bread and corn relish.

5 Taconic orchards

Whether you feel like exploring or want to sample the delicious locally cooked food, this place is a must visit. Its customers are well looked after, from local groceries to baked bread, cookies, cider donuts and pies. Gourmet travelers can enjoy delicious ice cream and raw honey. During Christmas, shoppers can buy Christmas trees and other decorations to make their festivities colorful. In addition to the products of the farm, you can also discover the arts and crafts.

4 Hastings Farmers Market

This friendly market brings locals and foreigners together to mingle and shop. Its natural products straight from the farm make it one of its most valuable markets in the Hudson Valley. Besides shopping, you can visit restaurants and enjoy farm-to-table delights. Plus, this glorious market donates eggs and apples to the Hastings Food Pantry every week. Using customer contributions, he also buys chicken, turkey and greens to benefit the pantry.

3 Meisner Heritage Farm

Boasting a third generation family farm, Meisner’s Heritage proudly offers high quality, fresh produce. Each month has different things to provide, so this paradise never runs out. For example, tourists visiting this site in June are sure to find strawberries, lettuce, peace and kale. Other produce to test in additional months include summer squash, sweet corn, melons, blueberries and many more. Shoppers can sample croissants, muffins and pies from the welcoming bakery. Tourists also have delicious sandwiches, salads and lunch surprises from the kitchen.

2 Holmquest Farms and Greenhouses

In operation since 1943, Holmquest Farms and Greenhouses is a family farm. It doesn’t matter what one wants; he has got everything. From June to October, it offers its visitors fruits such as apples, grapes and peaches. Visitors will also find organic vegetables such as okra, snap beans and spinach. Herb lovers can be sure to find dill and basil from early June through late August. Plus, with a field overflowing with flowers, customers can buy a bouquet for their loved ones or treat themselves.

1 Hudson Valley Regional Farmer’s Market

In addition to providing top quality food, this market gives its residents the opportunity to work and live a rewarding life. Organic coffee, olives, pickles, meats and dairy, among many others, call this site home. With tasty pastries, visitors don’t have to worry about baking on lazy days. Additionally, by having mouth-watering grilled pizzas, people can place orders and bond over a meal with their loved ones. Other things throughout the year include handmade antiques, ointments and soaps.

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