5 instant recipes for quick and easy evening snacks, take a look

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There are a ton of options for all types of healthy snacks. Snacks should be easy to cook with minimal ingredients and they should be very nutritious foods. There are various evening snack options, which can be prepared in minutes and you don’t need to spend extra time in the kitchen. Here we look at 5 instant recipes for evening snacks.


This snack is ideal for evening snacks and it is very easy to cook with a minimum of ingredients. More importantly, he was preferred by all. In this recipe, instead of poha, pieces of bread are used and mixed with spices, and cooked like poha. It is an instant dish for evening snacks with tea or coffee.


This is a Chinese snack recipe, which is a very popular snack and can be cooked instantly. This dish is spicy and tangy, made with paneer, corn flour, black pepper, maida, onion, green pepper and spices. It is a very healthy snack.


Although it is a sweet dish, it is the best option for your evening snack. Coconut balls are made from grated coconut, condensed milk and powdered milk. Grate the coconut and mix it with condensed milk and powdered milk. Cook for a while until thickened and make balls. This is a very easy and simple recipe.


Pudding is one of the simplest and most favorite dishes and this crunchy yogurt pudding is truly amazing. With another evening snack, you can have this crispy pudding. This recipe is tasty, crunchy as well as very healthy and you should prefer this dish for an evening snack.


This is one of the best and healthiest recipes for all vegetarians. For your evening snack and if there are guests at your house, this dish is the best option, it can be cooked instantly with cauliflower, green pepper and some spices. This delicious vegetarian recipe will help you stay satisfied.

These are five instant recipes for evening snacks that are quick and easy.

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