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1. Tiger buns (S $ 2)

After the popular shark buns come tiger buns, similarly priced at S $ 2 each.

These IKEA buns are filled with kaya and are available at all of their restaurants from January 17 through February 28.

Photo via IKEA

Photo via IKEA

2. Tiger shaped bread (S $ 1.80 / S $ 2.20)

Designed by local bakery chain BreadTalk, Prosperity Tiger (S $ 1.80) and Tiger Dance (S $ 2.20) soft buns are made to look like a tiger head and tiger butt, respectively.

Photo by Mandy Comment

Prosperity Tiger (head) is stuffed with cheese corn sausage while chocolate cream fills Tiger Dance (bum).

Photo by Mandy Comment

Photo by Mandy Comment

The chocolate piping is used to render the features of the animal.

Put them together to make a whole tiger:

Photo via BreadTalk

3. Tigers pineapple tarts (S $ 13.80)

Photo via Ah Mah Homemade Cake

Ah Mah Homemade Cake is bringing back its animal cookies, this time in the form of tigers.

The Hoo Hoo cookies, which cost S $ 13.80 a bottle, are individually hand painted.

According to the brand, these pineapple cookies are made with premium butter and a “lightly sweet” pineapple paste filling.

Photo via Ah Mah Homemade Cake

You can get them for a reduced price of S $ 9.80 with any Pineapple Coconut Pie Bundle (S $ 28.80), or with any purchase over S $ 50 on a single received.

4. Tiger Sugar Cookies (S $ 12.80)

You can find these Tiger Sugee cookies at DJ Bakery for S $ 12.80 a bottle.

The bakery labels the new item as “100% homemade”.

We spotted them at the Thomson Plaza point of sale, and it appears that cookies are currently not for sale online.

Photo by Mandy Comment

Photo by Mandy Comment

5. Whole Tiger Cake (S $ 98)

Photo by Goodwood Park

From Goodwood Park comes the Tiger Gateau, a striped vanilla pound cake creation with layers of orange and brown.

The look is achieved with brown tinted buttercream and ears and tail made of frosting.

The cake is available for take out or delivery starting January 7 at The Deli for S $ 98 net (1 kg).

6. Tiger Yusheng

i) Restaurant Pivoine Jade

Photo of the restaurant Pivoine Jade

In case anyone forgets the year of the zodiac, Tiger Yee Sang from Peony Jade Restaurant will serve as a good reminder.

Priced at S $ 388 for 12 people, the platter consists of Asian lobster carpaccio, 8 whole Australian abalone, hamachi (yellow tail), salmon and more.

Peony Jade currently has a pop-up booth at the CNY Takashimaya Fair, in addition to her restaurant at the Keppel Club.

There is an online ordering system as well, and although we are seeing a number of items in CNY, the Tiger Yee Sang does not appear to be available at the time of writing.

A spokesperson for Takashimaya noted that the article was also not listed on their online system and calls and emails to the restaurant went unanswered, but we will update this article if we have. their news.

The site also warns of the inevitable delivery delays due to yesterday’s demand, so beware, probably.

In any case, nice presentation, no harm in looking at pictures ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

ii) Golden peony

The second yu sheng is Golden Peony’s, with a Sugar Tiger perched on Chinese salad.

Photo via Golden Peony

Mix together a combination of hamachi (yellow tail) sashimi, snow crab and tiger shrimp for a nice price of S $ 118 ++ for five people.

This is available from January 17th to February 15th.

In addition to dinner at the Conrad Centennial hotel restaurant, the yu sheng is also available for pickup or delivery.

Top image via Peony Jade, BreadTalk, Ah Mah Homemade Cake, IKEA, Goodwood Park

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