7 Most Popular NJ Restaurants on Doordash


“Your order is being delivered! »

If you’re like me, that phrase on your phone gives you an instant serotonin boost. Doesn’t matter if you just paid an $8 delivery charge on a $15 order, excluding taxes and fees? Your favorite takeout order is on the way!

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And if you’re a New Jersey resident, chances are you’ve ordered from one of these places on Door knock!

Doordash just released its “100 Most Loved Restaurants” list on its food delivery app. These restaurants are ranked by customer patronage and how often they order, on time and, of course, deliciously satisfying!

Credit: Instagram @pastavolo

Credit: Instagram @pastavolo

These are things the company is proud of, as Doordash President Christopher Payne expressed:

“It’s the restaurants in our local communities that deliver a great meal and always go the extra mile. It’s our honor to celebrate these incredible partners who make DoorDash great and our shared customer experience top notch.

Of the top 100 Doordash-affiliated restaurants nationwide, we have seven of them right here in New Jersey! If you order from one of these places, you can bet you’ll have a top-notch experience and your order will be fresh, on time, and correct.

Let’s take a look at the 7 most popular NJ restaurants on Doordash!

(See the full list HERE)

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