8 casserole recipes to spend the rest of the winter


As food writer Caroline Hatchett has noted, casseroles are often mentioned in American obituaries in remembrance of a loved and lost person. They carry the memories of a relative or a party of which they were the main element.

Of course, some are not so tasty. (We won’t include those recipes here.) Below, you’ll find warm and cozy casseroles, and perhaps casserole-adjacent recipes, to ward off any lingering cold and soothe your soul.

Three Cheese Chicken Sausage and Egg Casserole, shown above. This make-ahead casserole gets even richer with stale croissants. Although the recipe itself calls for chicken sausage, you can also substitute pork or lamb sausage.

Chili Relleno Casserole. The story of this casserole is bittersweet: Lynda Finch spent all of Christmas Eve preparing dishes for the next day, including a recipe for this casserole, which was to be cooked in the morning. She died in her sleep, but her family dutifully followed her instructions to finish the meal when she arrived; one of his sons said, “I really believe it was his last gift to us.”

Chicken hot dish. We’re here to celebrate the marriage of chicken pot pie and hot tater-tot in this recipe from Molly Yeh, cookbook author and Food Network host.

Cabbage, sausage and white bean casserole. This one is a casserole because we say so. Either way, those layers of beans, cabbage, and crispy breadcrumbs look decadent, though nothing here is particularly fancy or expensive.

Mexican Shrimp Casserole. When Ann Maloney goes shopping, there are ingredients she always picks up. Many of these ingredients end up in this warm and comforting casserole. She doesn’t remember where she first tasted this, but versions of this dish have been around for quite some time.

Caribbean Pie. Shepherd’s pie is a fairly classic casserole dish, but let’s spice it up with this shepherd’s pie. Instead of mashed potatoes on top, you have mashed green plantains. The beef filling spins in a different direction with bell pepper, corn, cilantro and olives. Bonus: it freezes well.

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