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Here is a pizza fit for a king! Evaroni agrees with me and serves his pizza on a silver platter one foot high above the table. They tout their pizza as the only one in the world like it, and I have to agree.

There is something uniquely different and I think it’s the remarkable pizza sauce they use and the amazing melted cheese. They make their special sauce every morning and use only the freshest and finest ingredients.

I ordered mine with three items – pepperoni, onions and tomatoes. The tomatoes were whole slices, straight from someone’s garden, under all that delicate cheese, and the onions were small but bursting with flavor. I have to admit that I have already been a repeat customer twice this week. They even sell their pizza sauce and homemade red dressing by the pint.

The iconic Evaroni’s, located at 914 Oak Street in Kenova, West Virginia, was owned and operated by the Evans family for 51 years (1968) before the Moore family took over in 2019. They look forward to creating their own memories and friends. The change in ownership didn’t hurt the restaurant at all, as the parking lot is full every night with almost as many Kentucky license plates as West Virginia and Ohio.

It’s a family restaurant, of course, and big enough to seat around 200 people. They are big fans of Marshall University, and the walls are adorned with herd memorabilia compared to a greenery museum.

Besides their pizza, the next most popular dish is their baked spaghetti and garlic cheese bread with marinara sauce.

Eighty-eight-year-old Calvin Perry receives everyone’s royal treatment when he arrives and orders a sub, light on mayonnaise and onion rings. He told me that he has eaten two to three times a week at Evaroni for 35 years. Here is a satisfied customer.

Another special feature of this company are take-out orders. They are open every day from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. indoors, but keep their take-out meals until 9 a.m. No matter when you walk past, you’ll observe a motorcade of vehicles pulled up to the edge of Oak Street as they wait to step onto the lot for their fast, efficient delivery service. I counted 16 cars one evening waiting.

An extensive menu of salads and sandwiches as well as unusual items make it difficult to choose. Next time it’s those corn nuggets – golden sweet corn in a crispy crust fried to perfection – for me on the side. See you at Evaroni’s, my friend.

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