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Baked Corn Pudding – The Comfort of Down | FN Dish – Behind the Scenes, Culinary Trends & Top Recipes: Food Network

Corn has been a part of American cuisine since colonial times because it was a hardy crop, relatively easy to grow, and resistant to insects. It was a staple of the Native American diet long before the arrival of the first settlers and quickly became part of the settler diet. It had a long harvest that spanned a longer period of time than wheat and was grown extensively from New England to Georgia. There is also a long history of corn in the Appalachian hills and valleys, as corn was better suited to mountainous terrain than wheat or barley. Maize was eaten fresh in the summer and dried into flour for the winter months. Practicality guided him to find his place in one form, sweet or savory, in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Corn pudding is the result of the marriage of traditional Native American foods and a variation of English savory pudding. Corn puddings have been prepared and served, with little change in ingredients or cooking technique, for centuries. Some of the older recipes are titled “Green Corn Pudding,” but “green” doesn’t mean the corn is green, but rather refers to young, tender corn cobs that haven’t fully ripened and dried. Many modern recipes these days call for a tin of creamed corn and a tin of cornbread mix, but you know my classic recipes in this column are all about fresh and healthy comfort at home!

Sometimes called “spoon bread,” corn pudding is about as simple as it sounds: bread that can be eaten with a spoon, or a salty pudding thickened with natural corn starch. Whatever its name, it’s a comfort food that remains a favorite all these years later, especially at family reunions, holiday meals, church socials, and potlucks.

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