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If you are looking for palate-pleasing tapas, Latin cocktails, you are in for a treat. Chef Victor Manuel Murguia Mancilla and Chef Darius Madon are all set to bring the flavors of this part of the world to Mumbai with Binge. Drawing inspiration from the pleasure-dining philosophy, like its mothership, Bastian, while offering a distinct F&B experience, the venue identifies itself as a breath of fresh air in the city’s new-age gastronomic landscape.

“We took inspiration from the philosophy and designed Binge as an extension of the Bastian experience, with a whole new range of desserts, cocktails and savory dishes rarely explored in Mumbai. Our refreshing approach to modern world cuisine, our indulgent desserts, paired with our signature cocktails, are sure to keep guests coming back for more,” says Kunal Jani, spokesperson for Bastian Hospitality Pvt. ltd.

Menu Highlights

With an emphasis on fresh ingredients, South American spices, and tacos of all kinds, the Binge menu offers the perfect fusion of classic favorites and contemporary flavors. As you narrow down the options in the impossible-to-choose menu, snack on a few sketchesa warm corn salad or pomelo salad, made with hydroponic arugula and mixed lettuce, pomelo, sliced ​​almonds, cucumber, beetroot, soy honey and vinaigrette. Take it to the next level with some table treats that include options like Chicken Karaage, slices of crispy marinated butterfly chicken breast served on a bed of Asian seasoned salad leaves. Tiraditos – Pomfret or Filet mignon, pico de gallo, avocado mousse, chipotle ponzu, microgreens. Edamame Truffle or Serrano Ham Croquettes or opt for Salmon rolls which consist of sushi-grade salmon tartare rolled in salmon leaves in a truffle ponzu sauce.

When a chef’s addictive tacos are the talk of the town, you just can’t stop ordering some from Binge. Fish and seafood lovers can opt for the Baja Cauliflower or Fish, beer batter, avocado mousse, pico de gallo, animal cabbage, roasted tomato salsa. Meat lovers can feast on options like the Jacquier Tingagrated jackfruit, tomato, onion, chipotle, lettuce, sour cream and salsa. Carnitas, confit pork leg, shoulder and skin, pico de gallo, salsa cruda, chicharrones or marinated lamb birria shredded lamb served with birria broth. Vegetarians can expect several taco options like the Mixed Mushroom Taco – mixture of mushrooms, garlic and butter, chicharron cheese, roasted pumpkin seeds and Spinach Tacos with shimeji mushrooms, jalapeno, corn, feta cheese, pickled onions, crispy kale on handmade tortillas or Birria lambshredded and shredded lamb served with birria broth, chopped onion, cilantro, chipotle salsa and cabbage.

For the really hungry, the menu offers hearty favorites like Crab ceviche – crab with crushed tomatoes, jalapeños, spring onions and lemon juice; Tostada Bowl, a choice of salmon or tuna tartare, drizzled with truffle soy sauce and served with twisted corn tostadas; Guerrero Shrimp Cocktaila Mexican cocktail sauce, shrimp, Pico de gallo, sliced ​​avocado, cucumber; Filet mignon slider with tomato, lettuce, onion, pickled cucumber; Serrano Montadito ham, Homemade baguette rubbed with roasted garlic, crushed tomato with thin slices of serrano ham and parmesan.

Bar Highlights

To make it a complete fiesta, a well-stocked bar is on the line at Binge. Mixologist John Leese and All India Bar Wars Champion Krishna Murthy gets all the Latin-inspired cocktails packed into a real punch – the drinks are a mix of indulgent or light and fruity or spicy flavors.

You can even opt for a Binge-Gin Mule with fresh pineapple, chili flakes, lime juice mixed with simple syrup, gin and topped off with ginger beer or opt for homemade gems like Ring my bell pepper with Absolut, slices of green and red peppers shaken with mint lemon juice and peach syrup; or one Sangritini, El Jimador Blanco, lime and orange juice, green chilli, grenadine and tomato juice blended and mixed with drops of coriander oil. Go for options like killer crudo, Gin Beefeater, cucumber, jalapeno, cilantro leaves, lemon juice and simple syrup, drizzled with soda water; Binge Tropicana, Absolut vodka, homemade melon liqueur shaken with mango puree and cranberry juice and more.


Bastian is known for winning over customers with his decadent desserts. With Binge, they go even further. Let yourself be tempted by the classic comfort desserts of Chief Dhiraj Jankar. Desserts like creme brulee – vanilla pastry cream, caramelized sugar, seasonal fruits, pomegranate and mini leaves; Where Stuffed Donuts – donut holes, hazelnut mousse, lotus spread, caramel, garnished with hazelnut crunch, lotus crumble, caramel sauce with candied walnuts and chocolate ganache; or opt for options like Small Chocolate Pancakes, Tres Leches, Binge Strawberry Cake and more.


Joining that is Minal Chopra, who took over Binge as her second restaurant project, after designing Bastian Worli. She brought her signature style to the 35-seat indoor-outdoor space with key features such as a vertical herb garden, statement pieces, delicate lighting filled with hues of ecru, cream and beige lined with fiolage and cactus to create an effect reminiscent of a Latin American home.

Binge is complemented with macrame and tassels on the indoor lamp cluster, and umbrellas are outdoors. There’s rattan on the chairs and cacti along the walls. However, unlike Bastian Worli, Binge is designed to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while being located in the heart of Mumbai, bringing in natural light, as well as an abundance of filled spaces. of greenery to keep it fresh and inviting.

With Binge, Chef Victor has gone the extra mile to bring the feeling and flavors of his home to Mumbai. The atmosphere is warm and the doors are open. All you have to do is head over, raise your glass and say “salud!”


Address: Binge, Sant Kutir Apartments, opposite Di Bella’s Cafe, Khar West, Off Linking Road, Khar, Mumbai. Open from 5 p.m.

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