Blue Diamond presents new flavors


Blue Diamond adds Elote Mexican-style Street Corn and Korean BBQ flavors to its existing flavor portfolio, including favorites like Honey Roasted Almonds, Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds, and Spiced Pickle Almonds with dill. Both flavors are available now in select Walmart stores and will be rolling out to grocery stores nationwide over the coming months.

Blue Diamond Almonds® Elote – Mexican Street Corn Almonds deliver the taste of perfectly grilled sweet corn topped with chili, cheese and lime, packing a world of flavor into every crunch (MSRP: $4.19) Blue Diamond Almonds® Korean BBQ Almonds deliver a smoky, sweet and spicy snack with flavors of soy, garlic and gochujang, all wrapped up in a superfood snack (MSRP: $4.19) Now available in two varieties, each Blue Diamond Almonds® Mash Ups combines two intense flavors into one exciting, multi-dimensional snack. Mash Ups are now available exclusively at Walmart.

Blue Diamond Almonds® Mash Ups Cinnamon and maple almonds deliver a harmonious balance of sugar and spice in a better-for-you treat (MSRP: $6.98) Blue Diamond Almonds® Mash Ups Dark chocolate and maple Chili Almonds combine the sweetness of dark chocolate with a subtle hint of chili, creating a combo of sweet and spicy flavors (MSRP: $6.98) “We know consumers are eager to try new flavors of their favorite snacks , and in our research, we identified growing demand for flavors related to salty sweetness ranking as the fastest growing snack category over the past year,” said Maya Erwin, vice president of innovation and R&D at Blue Diamond.” Expanding our international flavor portfolio and introducing these exciting flavor combinations are some of the primary ways we provide consumers with ommers of the flavors they will come to dream of.”

Blue Diamond’s innovative new flavors will be available from June 2022. For more information on existing and new products, visit

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