Bridal shop bankruptcy leaves brides and industry insiders with questions


The closure of a longtime bridal boutique in Edmonton leaves some bridal parties in a hurry.

Sonya Dyck considers herself one of the lucky ones. She will receive her dress next week.

“I got a phone call last Tuesday from Urban Bride saying ‘We don’t know if this made the headlines or not, but The Bridal House has been in financial trouble.

“The designer supports you. She will ship your dress to our store for pickup. “

Bride-to-be Sonya Dyck ordered her dress from The Bridal House, but a second boutique, Urban Bride, stepped in to receive her dress instead. (Hugo Lévesque / CBC)

A weekend liquidation sale, led by bankruptcy trustee Faber Inc., began on Friday morning with little fanfare. A dozen deal-seeking brides were waiting when the doors opened.

The House of the Bride filed for bankruptcy on September 10 after nearly 30 years of activity. On her website, owner Natalie Duhaime-Bartlett announced that she had started the business with her parents and knew the closure would affect many brides.
An article on The Bridal House website. (

Several requests for comment from CBC News went unanswered.

In this article, Bartlett blamed the shutdown on the impacts of COVID-19 and provided information for brides to contact their dress designers.

Heather Dymchuk, owner of Bridal Debut in Sherwood Park, Alta., Responds to calls from affected brides daily. (Google meets)

Local wedding groups on Facebook were inundated with posts from people looking for answers or trying to alert others that they were having issues with the store. Some of them indicate that the deposits never reached the designers. Dyck said she was one of them.

“The designer understands what’s going on with the situation and they will work with the other bridal store and have them ship my dress although the deposit I paid here I guess I don’t know what’s up to him. come.”

Heather Dymchuk, the owner of Bridal Debut in Sherwood Park, said she noticed that there was about a month of discussions among customers that something was wrong.

“[They would say] we tried to go to Bridal House today we couldn’t get in. They were closed due to a COVID outbreak and only people picking up dresses were allowed in. “

“That’s when the flags went up for me,” Dymchuk said.

Dymchuk spoke to Duhaime-Bartlett when the chatter started and was told the closure was imminent. The news came as a shock especially as she continues to learn more about the situation.

She continues to hear daily from wives seeking help.

City stores have stepped in with offers to receive designer dresses if needed. Some stores and designers offer discounts and forgo down payments for brides who have also been affected.

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