Camila Alves McConaughey says it’s the only type of salt you need in your kitchen


Camila Alves McConaughey knows the value of a well-stocked pantry. As a mom to 13, 11 and 8 year olds, the food goes fast in the McConaughey House. And Alves McConaughey, the founder of Women of Today, an online community for sharing lifestyle ideas and recipes, has fallen into the same trap that many parents do: being so busy you barely have time to eat. and end up picking up your children’s plates. instead of.

She wants you to stop this. “Taking time for yourself is so important. I can’t take care of everyone if I don’t take care of myself too, ”she says. “The tank cannot be empty. We’ve all done it and we know it doesn’t work well.

Alves McConaughey also doesn’t want you to view mealtime as a luxury you can’t have. “This time is sacred and what we feed our bodies with is so important,” she says. That’s why she swears to prepare meals for the week ahead, so that mealtime is less of a headache. “This is the key to everything going well. Yes, that means you have a busy day, but all the others are going better!

So what are Alves McConaughey and his family eating at home? And what’s the best meal she has shared with her husband, Matthew? Take notes, as she not only tells us what’s in her pantry, but also how to prepare her favorite meals. It’s time for another edition of CharmThis is how I eat at home.

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Charm: What kind of eater are you? Adventurous? Hard?

Camila Alves: I would say I am an experimental eater. I am always looking for new ways to experience food and cooking. Sometimes it works well, and sometimes not at all, but that’s the beauty of trying new things. I like to keep things local when possible and also quite healthy. But I certainly have my crazy moments.

What’s your favorite healthy snack and what’s your favorite crazy snack?

Salted cashews, truffled almonds and fresh fruit. But I also have a weakness for fries, crisps and salsa, and bread. I always need more.

How much do you eat at home during the week versus going out or ordering? And what do you prefer?

I eat at home most of the time. When you eat out, it’s hard to know what’s in your food, so the majority are at home. When I eat out, it’s more of a fun experience. But we often try to change things up in the kitchen and experience new cultures through cooking because there is so much there. We grow our own fresh vegetables and herbs which we can use in our cooking. When we go out, it’s always a pleasure.

Where is your favorite place to order? And what do you like to order?

Both are in Austin. We love Sway, which is a modern Thai restaurant, and I get the mother-in-law’s bowl and Brussels sprouts. We also love the Fresa Chicken, and I order the Achiote Citrus Chicken with Rice and Beans and Mexican Street Corn. My mouth watering just talking about it.

What are the essentials in your kitchen?

Salt flakes are always in my kitchen. It is a healthier salt and one of the healthiest you can have because it is natural and minimally processed. Avocado oil is another essential ingredient, along with fresh lemons and garlic. If you can give me one more, I would like to add some beans. With just these ingredients, I can make fresh salad dressings, marinades, and stewed beans!

Maldon sea salt flakes in the tub

What is your favorite kitchen appliance and why?

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