Crimson Chakra in Adyar offers fresh and healthy continental offerings


Kunaffa Harissa Shrimps

Crimson Chakra offers more cuisine than you can count on one hand. But with family-friendly portions and favorites like smoked rice, biryani, and Andhra’s chili chicken, the restaurant has been a popular choice for years for its comforting regional cuisine. Now, nearly a decade after it opened, owner Nikhil Moturi tells us he wants to expand that narrative to include the ‘overall comfort plates’ as well. And to do that, the restaurateur has a brand new continental menu with fun finger foods you can share like shrimp tacos and Korean fried chicken, as well as a healthy pasta selection that retains classics from their old menu. as the Pollo Picante, a grilled chicken served with creamy mashed potatoes, English vegetables and a white mushroom sauce that brings it all together.

West to east
Browsing through the pages, Nikhil tells us that several of these dishes, like Mediterranean money bags, were salvaged on his travels, as well as those of consultant chef Mathangi Kumar. Since the two of them look back and think the same about food, Mathangi shares, “We had our new menu in four hours flat.” Which is to say something, given that between research and food trials, this process can often span a few months.

Japanese yakitori skewers

Right from the appetizers, we were quickly wowed by the BBQ Chicken Tacos which have lively and tangy flavors of red cabbage, green chutney and sour cream. Tortillas are more like rotis unfortunately, but the party in your mouth quickly makes up for that. Meanwhile, the crackle of Kunaffa Harissa Baby Corn and Yakitori’s Intense Dark Japanese Skewers are the two plates we recommend.

spanish rice bowl

Ticket to Mexico
For the dishes, we opt for the Spanish Rice Bowl with an assortment of corn, stewed bean salsa and fried nachos. But a few spoons in it and we realize that there is no flavor, despite the spectrum of elements in the mixture. Surprisingly, the dish we thought of was perhaps the most minimal in terms of presentation or ingredients: sweet potato soup with garlic mousse for a hint of drama. Just the warm comfort you need when you step outside on a rainy day.

Meal for two: INR 550.

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