Developed a sudden interest in cooking? These new cookbooks will help you hone your skills


Ammi is short for “Ammi Kallu” in Tamil, a traditional South Indian stone mill used to grind coconut and fresh spices. Compiled and photographed by model photographer Prasanna (Pressy) Pandarinathan, the book is an ode to her mother Nirmala, with carefully selected recipes that have cross-cultural influences spanning South India, Ipoh, Penang, Singapore, Indonesia and even Europe, each inspired by her mother’s own culinary travels. Choose from 108 recipes including broths and masalas, spices, pickles, chutneys, seafood, pastries, grills and more, with great visuals accompanying the recipes. Releases this month

Everyday Semi-Cooked Harvest: Recipes for Balanced, Flexible, Well-Being Meals by Tieghan Gerard

Known for its wellness cuisine, New York Times Best-selling author and blogger, Tieghan Gerard, presents 120 soul-satisfying recipes in her new book that offer balanced and healthy meals. Recipes are a blend of comforting flavors and plant-based dishes that are easy to make as an everyday meal or to share with the family, such as pizza crusts with pepperoni breadcrumbs, crispy carnitas taquitos, spinach and stuffed butternut squash with pesto. Releases February 2022

The Korean Vegan Cookbook: Thoughts and Recipes from Omma’s Kitchen by Joanne Lee Molinaro

This debut cookbook by blogger and adept storyteller Joanne Lee Molinaro showcases her favorite Korean recipes, some traditional and others with her own twist, but all peppered with poignant anecdotes that seek to challenge the idea that cooking Korean food is rich in meat. Instead, Molinaro lists favorite childhood foods she grew up eating, from Korean-Chinese black bean noodles to a humble potato leek soup her father made.

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