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Bandit Taco stole the show with their wacky veggie taco to die for, served with an accompaniment of outstanding sweet fried plantains.

DC is home to some great street tacos, but it can be difficult to find vegetarian options comparable to their carnivorous counterparts.

We visited four taco stores in Washington DC to find out which one had the best vegetarian taco. Stop by one of these taco restaurants the next time you’re looking for a plant-based bite.

N ° 4: Jaco Juice and Taco’s Vegan Veggie Taco
Jaco Juice and Taco’s home-like storefront is set back from the street at 1614 Wisconsin Ave. NW in Georgetown, allowing a handful of tables to fill the brick area in front of the restaurant. Inside you’ll find a bar counter with stools in front of the area where food is prepared as well as minimal seating lining the right and back walls.

This vegetarian vegan taco ($ 4.50) is filled to the brim with a simple combination of fresh vegetables and tomatillo salsa, allowing the fresh ingredients of Jaco Juice and Taco to shine.

The hot flour tortilla cracked under the weight of the roasted potatoes when folded, spilling charred red peppers, caramelized onions, pico and guacamole. Kale and sautéed spinach added color and a fresh, filling element to a taco. As a vegetarian, I couldn’t try the store’s famous homemade chorizo ​​taco, but the vegetarian vegan potatoes were filling enough to replace a meat option.

Jaco Juice and Taco scored high for fresh ingredients, but the vegan vegetarian lacked depth of flavor. The natural sweetness of the peppers was the most notable flavor, but my taste buds were disappointed because the perfectly crispy potatoes didn’t have a distinct flavor profile. Jaco Juice and Taco presents a decent option for a group looking for a full menu and outdoor seating, but the true taco connoisseur may have better luck elsewhere.

N ° 3: Nopales tacos from Taqueria Xochi
It’s not the neon sign that draws the massive Taqueria Xochi line, but the home-cooked Mexican-inspired atmosphere and food that keeps the taqueria packed.

Located at 924 U St. NW in the U Street Corridor, Taqueria Xochi’s small brick storefront is painted hot pink and complemented in neon blue with “Taqueria Xochi” written in cursive letters.

Originally I was disappointed with the simple nature of taco nopales ($ 13 for 3 tacos) with just cactus and root vegetable shreds as a garnish, the price seemed steep. But the quality of the ingredients has become more evident with every bite.

I took a customer’s suggestion and ordered a side of the restaurant’s fresh and tasty tortillas to eat by themselves. Although they made it to number three, the homemade tortillas themselves, lightly charred, were of the highest quality among the four restaurants. The cactus retained its crunchiness and paired perfectly with the soft tortilla. Taqueria Xochi’s menu is limited in meatless options, but the authentic preparation earns this joint its third place.

# 2: Chaia Taco Chipotle Sweet Potato Hash
Tucked away on a Georgetown side street, Chaia’s aesthetic interior and quality all-vegetarian farm-to-table menu appeal to everyone, vegetarian or not.

Chaia is a two story restaurant located near the Georgetown Canal at 3207 Grace St. NW. The interior is decorated in light wood and white painted bricks with lots of natural light, making it a vibrant space to enjoy your tacos.

The Chipotle Sweet Potato Mince Taco ($ 4.50) is wrapped in a lightly charred fresh corn tortilla. The natural sweetness of the potato blends with the heat of the chipotle seasoning, creating a layered flavor profile in each crisp bite.

The arugula pepita salsa had a thick, creamy consistency and a nice shade of bright green on top of a mountain of potatoes. Feta cheese adds the last salty component to the tacos, and the dish is tied with sprigs of fresh cilantro for added flavor and crunch.

# 1: Tofu Taco from Bandit Taco
Bandit Taco has a small storefront between Dupont and Logan Circles at 1946 New Hampshire Ave. NW. This taco spot is great for a quick lunch break with quick service and a relaxed atmosphere. Guests are welcome to sit on colorful metal chairs or outside at picnic tables lined with string lights.

With an accompaniment of outstanding sweet fried plantains, these Tofu Tacos ($ 4.25) from Bandit Taco reached # 1.

Bandit Taco stole the show with their veggie-packed taco to die for. Two thin charred corn tortillas contained a bunch of crispy fried tofu to order, sweet corn, mixed bell peppers and crunchy green onions. Poblano sauce oozed from every bite, but the tortilla never felt soggy. And for plantains, cut thick and pan-fried before being drizzled with honey.

Three tacos and an order of sweet plantains took the kitchen less than ten minutes to prepare. With late hours, this U Street joint is handy for a full meal or just a snack like authentic yucca fries ($ 4) and caramel cheesecake ($ 4.50).

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