Don’t Miss Buc-ee Gas Station Items in Richmond KY


Cheap gas? Friendly employees? Clean bathrooms? To verify. The new Buc-ee’s in Richmond, which will open April 19, has them all. Really.

But here are some things you might miss if you don’t know what to look for in the 53,000 square foot store.

It’s so big and has so much going on that, especially for beginners, Buc-ee can be a big sensory overload.

So we’ll highlight some lesser-known but still great things.

Buc-ee jerky

Buc-ee’s has a lot of jerky, but Josh Smith, Buc-ee’s operations manager for the Southeast region, said his favorite is the Hill Country Ghost Pepper Jerky, which is spicy but not scorching. All jerky is made by Buc-ee’s.

Buc-ee’s has a crate full of freshly made jerky as well as a wall of packaged jerky. Janet Patton [email protected]

Fudge Overload

There are so many flavors of fudge at Buc-ee that you might have a hard time deciding. Let me make a suggestion: Tiger Butter, which is white chocolate, then a peanut butter layer, then a white chocolate, chocolate, and peanut butter swirl topping. Three. For. A.

Tiger Butter fudge is one of 22 flavors available at Buc-ee’s. Janet Patton [email protected]

CIEE wall

When I was a kid, there were two, maybe three types of ICEE: blue, red and cola. The choices at Buc-ee are sure to blow your mind. Watermelon, frozen Dr. Pepper, white cherry? Your children will be there all day to make their choice.

There are about a dozen different ICEE options to choose from at Buc-ee. Janet Patton [email protected]

Beaver chips

Besides barbecue and fried chicken sandwiches, you can find these little bags of potato chips, or “beaver chips,” that will go great with any lunch you eat.

Buc-ee crisps are homemade fresh cut potato crisps. And they’re pretty good. Janet Patton [email protected]

Old favorite sweets

Of course, all convenience stores have candy. But Buc-ee’s has a section devoted to “old favorites” such as waxy soda bottles, Boston baked beans, saltwater taffy, candy corn, and “candy bloxes” that look like candies. Sweet Legos.

beaver freezers

That’s really what they’re called, all of you. And I’m told that while the eight or so flavors are great, the root beer float ones are the bomb.

The gourmet frozen treats known as Buc-ee’s Beaver Freezers are in an ice cream case at the checkout, so you can grab them on the way out. Janet Patton [email protected]

Buc-ee Merch

You won’t exactly forget Buc-ee’s stuff. You can get just about anything from pajamas to bikinis to bobblehead dolls with the beaver on them. Buc-ee devotees say they plan trips where they can stop by Buc-ee, so why wouldn’t you want a way to let others know about your fandom?

A wide variety of Buc-ee branded products are available, from plush beaver toys to swimwear to blankets. Janet Patton [email protected]

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