Double duty-do the job while running for office!


The work of a Yakima County Commissioner is vast, vast and endless. District three extends north of Selah to the training center and to towns in the lower valley.

Norm Childress was elected to office in November 2018, but sadly passed away mid-term. An appointment process followed and Sunnyside Hospital’s Director of Medical Staff Services, LaDon Linde, was appointed to the post and after nearly a year in the job, he is running for the seat.

Linde’s experience includes work in agriculture and medicine, both in human resources. He says the pandemic lockdown was a major inspiration to run for office. He wanted to help small businesses he saw unfairly crushed by the restrictions while big box stores were allowed to thrive. He saw private contractors shut down as state projects continued. So he stepped into the fray to help deal with what he calls government overbreadth and to try to achieve a certain level of balance.

Linde says he’s not a fan of Covid’s “heavy” mandates which he also calls government overbreadth. He said the high-profile friction between the board of health and the county commission had resulted in better advice.

As he wandered around the county, he said common concerns include water issues, crime and homelessness.

The feeling I got from Mr. Linde is that he is a very good man, working hard on behalf of the county.

Here is our interview with Commission / candidate LaDon Linde.

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