Epic Brewing launches Space Debris IPA, Flower Power Sour and Yelling at Clouds Cold IPA


Epic Brewing Company Launches Space Debris IPA

Epic Brewing Company launches Space Debris IPA, a classic West Coast IPA at 6.2% ABV. After months of recipe development, experimental test batches, recipe reformulations and learning new techniques, everyone from the brewing team to the dining room is proud to hoist this beer as a as the newest member of Epic’s year-round lineup.

The base is built on 2-Row, Caramel 20 & Honey Malts, along with Nugget hops and Centennial hops for bitterness. Centennial gets a second addition during the boil, then a THIRD addition during the quench and world pool in a mix with Amarillo hops.

Once the liquid reaches a fermentation tank, it is dosed with American brewer’s yeast and dry hopped with equal amounts of Citra and Amarillo hops for a total of four hop additions! Finally, the wet liquid is filtered, leaving a light copper color with light notes of pine and tropical fruits.

Space Debris IPA will be available in Epic Brewing’s Salt Lake City and Denver taprooms in March and will ship across the brewery’s entire distribution footprint in April. Six packs of 12oz cans will be available in Salt Lake City. Six packs and draft will be available in Denver. Space Debris IPA is a West Coast-style IPA that’s meant to be your faithful companion for nights spent lounging by the fire and gazing upwards at the starry abyss. Get a Space Debris IPA six-pack for your next adventure.

Name: Space Debris IPA

Malt Bill: 2-Row, Caramel 20 & Honey Malts

Hops: Amarillo, Centennial, Citra, Nugget

Formats: 12 oz cans, kegs

Availability in Salt Lake City: 12 oz cans

Denver availability: 12 oz cans, draft

Epic Brewing Company launches Flower Power Sour

Epic Brewing Company launches Flower Power Sour, a 6.5% ABV oak-aged sour beer. Head Brewer Jordan Schupbach continues to push the boundaries of Epic, this time expanding the beer’s flavor profile AND color profile into uncharted territory.

At any given time, we have over 3,000 gallons of beer maturing in three Oak Foedres at our Denver brewery as part of our wood aging program. This gives Jordan and his team the ability to constantly modify and adjust the recipes of the program, which is responsible for dozens of Ales in our Oak & Orchard and Sour Brainless ranges. Lately, the team had fun mixing Wood-Aged Sour Ale with Belgian Ale and adding it to the fresh fruit puree. This time he and his team created a phenomenal beer using two popular tea additives.

To brew Flower Power Sour, the team took a Sour Ale that had matured for months in a Foedre oak, doused it with passion fruit puree in a fermentation tank, and diligently blended Belgian Golden Strong Ale in the mix. The powerful flavor absorbed by the wood shines through and is balanced by the base of Belgian beer and the sweet puree of passion fruit. Hibiscus is added just before packaging to give the beer a vibrant color without affecting the flavor profile. The result is a bubbly Sour Ale that shimmers a beautiful pink hue when poured from taps and cans.

Flower Power Sour is bursting with flavor as well as color. This eye-catching Ale is perfect for anyone who wants to spice up their typical beer order or those who love affordable Sour Ales. It will be available in Epic Brewing taprooms in March and will ship to select states in April.

Name: Flower Power Sour

Malt Bill: Pilsner, white wheat malt, spelled and rolled oats.

Hops: Tettnang

Additives: Aged Foedre Oak, Hibiscus & Passion Fruit Puree

Denver availability: 16 oz cans and kegs

Salt Lake City availability: 16 oz cans

Epic Brewing Company Launches Yelling At Clouds Cold IPA

Epic Brewing Company launches Yelling At Clouds, a 6.5% ABV cold IPA. Inspired by a ray of sunshine breaking through clouds, the team at Epic sought to produce an IPA that IS NOT hazy. After years of brews showering the masses with hazy IPAs, cold IPAs are finally breaking the storm.

Yelling At Clouds IPA is Epic’s way of saying “we hear you” to all of their IPA-loving fans who want more flavor than just “juicy” or “piney.” This Cold IPA was built on a backbone of 2-Row Brewers malt and corn, giving it a full-bodied texture. The key player, however, is American Lager Yeast and a cold fermentation process, which makes the beer crispier and cleaner than a typical IPA. On top of that, mounds of Sabro, Simcoe and Idaho7 hops have been added throughout the boil to give it a familiar hop character.

Yelling At Clouds IPA will be available at Epic Brewing’s Salt Lake City and Denver taprooms in March and will ship to select states in April. This is a unique beer that has no intention of being brewed again, so get your hands on it while you can. Four packs of 16oz cans will be available in Salt Lake City. Four packs and draft will be available in Denver.

Name: IPA shout to the clouds

Malt bill: 2 row brewery malt, corn

Hops: Simcoe, Sabro, Idaho7

Salt Lake City availability: 16 oz cans, 22 oz bottles

Availability in Denver: 16 oz cans, kegs


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