Every horror movie and TV show comes to shudder for Halloween 2021


Horror fans have embraced the streaming platform Shudder, and for good reason, as it offers a slew of horror movies and TV shows for Halloween 2021. The platform, which also functions as an Amazon Prime Video channel alongside an individual subscription service, presents an impressive multitude of original and exclusive content. as well as an array of spooky classics that will fascinate the curious horror historian.

While the selection isn’t as wide as more traditional services, Shudder is unique in that it’s all about horror. Plus, real people organize its content, which feels like browsing its library like browsing the shelves of local and independent video stores from the pre-broadcast past. The service features spooky classics, but the horror lover will also find the kind of deep cuts and cult quirks that are loved. This includes films not yet released uncovered as well as feature films that have been newly restored and shown in their uncut editions for the first time.

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Shudder also became the home of an important block of original programming. The anthology series Horror show received a second life on the service, documentaries feature horror history to complement viewings, and regular group parties are hosted by legendary horror icons like Joe Bob Briggs and Elvira. Unsurprisingly, the platform celebrates Halloween with flying colors, often showcasing its most popular and anticipated content just in time for the season. Here are all the new features that have arrived and will arrive on Shudder for the month of October.

V / H / S 94

A photo of V / H / S / 94

The fourth installment in the found-frame horror anthology series is an original Shudder film and sees the return of directors Simon Barrett and Timo Tjahjanto, both of whom have contributed to the work of previous entries. The film also features filmmakers Jennifer Reeder, Ryan Prows, and Chloe Okuno in five short films, including a narrative segment that explains the other stories in the form of videos found in an evil cult complex. Like the previous entries, V / H / S 94 explores different found-footage-style horror techniques, allowing its filmmakers to experience capturing scares on a budget and hopefully highlight potential and upcoming talent.

The way

Korean cinema and television have undoubtedly never been as popular as they are today, with cultural phenomena such as Parasite and Squid game take the world by storm. Korean horror films luckily also have a chance to shine in the current craze, with films like Train to Busan and Lamentations make a strong case for being modern horror classics. The way was a huge box office hit in South Korea when it released in July of this year, becoming the country’s highest-grossing horror film. The film is actually a Korean-Thai co-production, with Thai director Banjong Pisanthanakun leading the supernatural story of possession and Na Hong-jin, the filmmaker behind it. Lamentations, co-wrote the screenplay.

Creepshow Season 3

The third season of Shudder’s modern TV sequel to the 1982 cult classic Horror show The film is currently airing every Thursday until October 28. Horror show Season 2 aired earlier this year after a delayed production schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the series is officially back to coincide with the Halloween season. Artist and special effects director Greg Nicotero, who has a pedigree of decades of work but is best known for The walking dead, produced the show and directed and wrote several segments of the show. Other horror creators include Stephen King’s son Joe Hill and Joe Lynch (Wrong turn 2: dead end and Grabuge).

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Joe Bob’s Halloween Hoedown – Train of Angels and Terror

It wouldn’t be Halloween on Shudder without another special from Joe Bob Briggs, the iconic B redneck movie expert whose hosting of The last drive-in has become one of Shudder’s biggest hits and most beloved must-haves. This year Joe Bob and Darcie the Mail Girl take a peek at the revenge thriller angel and the slasher Train of terror, the latest of which stars Jamie Lee Curtis. Joining the presentation are David Gordon Green and Jason Blum, fresh from the release of Halloween kills, who also selected the two films screened. Joe Bob’s shows are live broadcasts, but the special is still available to watch on Shudder.

The Ghoul Log – 2021 Edition

In a cheeky alternative to the usual Yule Log, Shudder has his own “ghoul log” with a lit lantern instead of a cheery fireplace. Autumnal sounds like a threatening wind accompany the cozy, spooky and atmospheric visual, perfect for throwing in the background while carving your own pumpkin, sorting Halloween candy, or waiting for treats. The experience is slightly different each year, incorporating places like a leaf-strewn porch to a decorated garage. Last year even had a Movie Trick ‘r Treat-Jack-o’-lantern theme with Sam’s face and sounds from the movie.

Dragula des frères Boulet Season 4 – October 19

Dragula poster

A macabre mashup of Drag race and Fear factor, The Dragula of the Boulet Brothers takes a decidedly scary approach to reality dating competition. Not only do contestants have to take part in a Floor Show segment to show off their drag chops, but the lower-rated hapless contestants must also go through an “extermination challenge” in which they must “survive” horrific and heart-wrenching events like eat sickening food or be buried alive. The series has traveled between platforms like YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, but season 4 marks Dragula‘s switches to Shudder after broadcasting the Dragula: Resurrection special. Guest judges include Vanessa Hudgens (Musical High School), Harvey Guillen (What we do in the shadows), and masked queer country musician Orville Peck.

Behind the Monsters – October 27

Shudder’s documentary series that explores the history and legacy of the most iconic horror icons will air just before Halloween with new episodes released every week. The show will focus on six prominent killers who have left their mark on horror culture, including Michael Myers, Pinhead, Chucky, Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger and Candyman. Each episode includes interviews with the creators, actors and experts associated with each franchise. Shudder even brought in cross guests from his other content, like brothers Drac and Swan Boulet from Dragula and writer and producer Ashlee Blackwell of Dark Horror.

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Dark Horror – October 28

The 2019 Shudder Documentary Black Horror: A Dark Horror Story has been critically acclaimed for its insightful look at the long, complicated, and important role African Americans play in the horror genre. The follow-up is an anthology of six shorts intended to feature black filmmakers and actors, while also covering different horror subgenres. Much of the talent involved consists of returning faces, such as film historian Tananarive Due, who co-wrote one of the segments with her husband Steven Barnes and served as an executive producer on the documentary. Stars include Lesley Ann-Brandt (Lucifer), Erica Ash (MADtv, The Great Gay Sketch Show), Luke James (Chi), Brandon Mychal Smith (Four weddings and a funeral), Sean Patrick Thomas (The curse of La Llorona) and Malcolm Barrett (Timeless), as well as horror legends and Tony Todd return interview topics (Candy) and Rachel True (The job).

Other content

Along with the original Shudder offerings, the streamer has also licensed and curated a slew of horror goodies for the Halloween season. These include cult classics like The children of the corn, Motel hell, and Night of demons, blaxploitation artifacts like Blacula, JD’s revenge, and Sugar hill, and foreign language films like Nosferatu, the vampire, Gonjiam: the haunted asylum, and Impulse. The good news is that Shudder has released most of these titles for the month, which means the following films are currently available to watch.

Escape from New York

Motel hell


Blacula and Scream Blacula Scream

JD’s revenge

Sugar hill

The screaming house

Poughkeepsie bands

The Scream

Gonjiam: the haunted asylum


Night of the Demons (1988)


The Mutilator

Nosferatu, the vampire and Nosferatu in Venice


Wake wood

House and House II

Jane Doe’s autopsy

Available October 18


Children of the Corn (1984)

Blood and black lace

Available October 25


Just before dawn


Shudder is the perfect place for horror all year round, but it’s clear the streaming platform has upped its game for the scariest season.

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