Everything you need to know about Beyoncé’s upcoming 7th album


This is not an exercise ! All the rumors are true – Beyonce is officially back!

Early Thursday morning, Columbia Records announced the release of the star’s long-awaited seventh solo studio album on Instagram.

The news comes after a whirlwind week of social media speculation surrounding the subject. Theories that something new was on the way were sparked when all photos from the “Single Ladies” singer’s social media accounts were deleted.

The ad – a black square with “act i” and “RENAISSANCE” in white type – was shared on Instagram by the label and streaming platform Tidal, with the simple caption: “Beyoncé. RENAISSANCE. July 29”.

Beyoncé, 40, followed up by updating the bios on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to reflect the upcoming release.

The new project is said to be a full 16-track album, with an option of four different box sets – which will begin shipping on July 29 when the album is released – including a collectible box, CD, mystery t-shirt, a mini-poster and 28-page photo booklet currently available for pre-sale online.

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Last year, the winner of 28 Grammy Awards revealed to Harper’s Bazaar that she had been “in the studio for a year and a half,” during an interview for the September 2021 publication’s cover story. “Sometimes it takes me a year to personally search through thousands of sounds to find the right kick or the right snare. A chorus can have up to 200 stacked harmonies,” she said.

Queen Bey even dropped a ‘rebirth’ mention, telling the magazine, “With all the isolation and injustice of the last year [from COVID-19], I think we are all ready to get away, travel, love and laugh again. I feel a renaissance emerging, and I want to help nurture that escape in any way I can.”

“Still, nothing beats the amount of love, passion and healing I feel in the recording studio. After 31 years, it’s just as exciting as when I was nine. Yes, the music is coming !” she confirmed.

The icon also marked his return with an epic British vogue cover. Chief Editor Edward Enninful spilled some details about her natural demeanor and what fans can expect from the album, reminiscing about her time with the artist as she played her new music to him from the comfort of her home recording studio .

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He described having a cozy, family-friendly dinner of “savory” ribs, cream of corn, mashed potatoes and peas at the R&B diva’s “impressive minimalist” abode.

“I am so struck by the tranquility of our hostess. At this point her ironclad dedication to professionalism and intimacy is legendary and yet she is here at home with her hair down, not a dot of makeup, wearing a hoodie, just being herself,” the editor wrote. “Her armor is so pulled down, her laughter so contagious, her skin so glowing, she honestly looks like a teenager.”

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“It’s a precious moment in her life. Now 40, she feels so good as a mother, an artist and a woman,” he added, reveling in the calm and peaceful energy that she was releasing.

He then described the moment Bey asked if he wanted to hear about the new project.

“With minimal ceremony, she takes her laptop and plugs it in while we all sit on couches. Quietly, the superstar’s hits play on her next album,” Enninful called back.

“Instantly a wall of sound hits me. Soaring vocals and fierce beats combine and in a split second I’m transported to the clubs of my youth,” he said. “I want to get up and start making moves. This is the music that I love deeply. Music that gets you going, that turns your mind to cultures and subcultures, to our people past and present, the music that will unite so many on the dance floor, music that touches your soul. As always with Beyoncé, it’s all about intention. I sit, after the wave, absorbing it all.”

“Creating was a long process, she explains, with the pandemic giving her a lot more time to reflect and rethink every decision. Just the way she likes it,” Enninful concluded.

Before the news of Renaissancethe superstar’s recent projects include appearing in self-written, directed and produced works, Disney+ black is king—a documentary and visual album based on the music of The Lion King: The Gift— with the release of 2019 Reunion: the live album, and The collaborative album of 2018 all is love with husband Jay Z.

Still, fans aren’t quite sure what to expect. Not many details apart British vogueRecent information about an upbeat and funky disco vibe has been released on the album’s musical content. However, if this sounds like the “Crazy in Love” singer’s latest solo album, Lemonadethe Beyhive—her loyal legion of supporters—is sure to be delighted.

The long awaited Renaissance will be available for purchase and streaming on July 29, 2022.

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