Fanta Jack-O’-Lantern floats are a Halloween treat


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Getting into the spirit of Halloween can mean creating fun and spooky sips. For example, you can use orange soda for pumpkin lantern-inspired drinks that taste like ice cream.

Belle of the Kitchen blogger Ashlyn has a recipe for Fanta Jack O’Lantern Floats that she calls “a sweet and spooky twist on a classic.”

The simple drink recipe includes Fanta orange soda, ice cream, and cute mugs. For the latter, you can decorate any clear drink container with jack-o’-lantern decals or use disposable cups and draw on your own faces with a permanent marker.

Add in some fun Halloween straws and you’ve got a sparkling orange concoction perfect for all ages.

Beautiful from the kitchen

Jen Around the World’s Jennifer Sikora made a sweet corn punch with orange Fanta, pineapple juice, whipped topping, and orange-colored sugar. And Elisabeth McKnight revisited the Fanta Halloween drink using orange soda, white grape juice, and orange sorbet for an easy Halloween punch. McKnight says that if you carefully pour chilled white grape juice over the Fanta, you will get a slight color layering effect.

Halloween favorite vegetable sweet corn can be recreated as a drink with High Heels and Grills Sweet Corn Punch. Bloggers Zach and Sarah prepared their drink by filling a glass with crushed ice and slowly pouring layers of Crush Orange Soda, Yellow Gatorade, and Vitamin Water Lemonade on top of each other.


You might also want to try a ghoulish green soda float for Halloween. Sugar and Soul’s Rebecca makes her goosebumps punch with lemon-lime soda, rainbow sherbet and gummy worms. We bet Mountain Dew and other colorful sherbets would make fun substitutions as well. Plus, a variety of other spooky gummy candies would complement these drinks well.


For a spooky green cocktail, there’s Witch, Please with vodka, matcha powder, pineapple juice, lime juice, and agave syrup. Recipes for Shrunken Head Cider and a Sleepy Hollow Cocktail might also be suitable for your Diagon Alley.

And for more kid-friendly Halloween mocktails, we’ve got a few suggestions for you.

What would be your choice for the October 31 sips?


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