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Float4, an award-winning multidisciplinary studio that integrates digital experiences in physical spacesdetailed his work on a major retail concept for a major luxury department store chain.

Bloomingdale’s Carousel, which opened in 2018, is a store-within-a-store with two 35-foot-wide video walls that display themed content. This house pop-up on 60th Street in Manhattan offers capsule collections of products chosen according to specific themes, which are also reflected in the decoration of the space and the digital content displayed on the video walls; result of the 161-year-old institution’s convergence with digital experiences.

The Carousel’s video walls replace the featured shelving and display approach, instead emphasizing the importance of objects through creative capsules.

The goal was to create a one-of-a-kind retail atmosphere that draws customers in and connects them to Bloomingdale’s carefully curated products, showcasing the growth of immersive environments into everyday spaces using a canvas immersive digital. This allows an extension of the real environment, creating movement and action inside the decoration with illusion effects and variable content.

For years to come, the material featured will be able to complement and elevate any theme chosen for all featured product collections.

The strategy, coordination and infrastructure design of the Carousel program was managed by Float4. During the Carousel’s first year, Float4 also created the first six exhibits on the video walls, as well as the growing concept of the space. Since its inception, the firm has developed a total of 18 content capsules.

Challenge and solution

Float4 had to update the capsule content ahead of time for future video wall size changes. Due to the large size and high quality screens, the design and development of original Float4 content needed further consideration.

Float4 developed a workflow that could incorporate live action, motion graphics, 3D, and generative material for each capsule. Float4 was able to get the right content production technique to support each capsule’s construction, dynamic display ratios and resolutions thanks to the studio’s extensive knowledge of the latest cameras, software and rendering tools. The results are celebrated this week at IAAPA Trade Show in Orlando.

Float4 Love Is Lips Bloomingdale's

Thematic capsules

Inspired by the theatrical scenography of Bridgerton (top right), one of the most popular sets uses “2.5D” motion design and animation, in which visual elements slide down the track to reveal what’s behind.

Based on the hit Netflix series, key themes of romance and intrigue unfold in a realm of regency, elegance and imagination. The capsule’s release coincided with the scheduled resumption of the show’s second season on March 25, 2022.

CGI and 3D animations were used to create Good for Seoulwhich celebrates the vitality, elegance and culture of South Koreathe capital. First, a list of Korean terms in which each letter stands for a famous landmark, such as Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Gyeongbokgung Palace, or Jogyesa Temple. Next, a humorous animation of Kakao Friends characters appears, followed by pop motif clips of Korean icons, including white radishes, persimmon fruits, dumplings, corn dogs, fish crackers and ice cream.

Float4 Voucher for Seoul Bloomingdale's

Seasonal offers

Stop motion animation, 3D animation and generative art are used to create love letters folded into paper airplanes that fly in groups, each time following a distinct flow and pattern as part of love is.

Darcy Millerfounding editor of Martha Stewart Weddings, curated the Valentine’s Day collection, which included some of her designs as well as romantic pieces from designers such as Aerin Lauder and Tory Burch. Float4 designed a matching content capsule that explored different aspects of love through five content pieces with colors, themes and textures inspired by Miller’s aesthetic.

Float4 Love is from Bloomingdale's

A capsule was also designed for the Chinese Lunar New Year, using 2D animation with motion design components and stock footage with a sequence of three animated miniature scenes inspired by the popular Chinese paper-cut craft.

great causes

The space can also be used to highlight important topics, such as sustainabilitythe accent of Good for the globe. Underwater life, waves and marine life were created using live filming in Hawaii, stock material and CGI animation. Professional surfer Professional surfer Quincy Davis curated the product capsule, which included items such as water-saving denim, recycled skateboards, board games made from used fishing nets, and all-plastic Windex cleaner bottles salvaged from the ocean.

Float4 Bloomingdale's Globe Voucher

Stock images and CGI animations were used to create Pride for allwith 2D and 3D animations.

Editor-in-chief of Out magazine Philippe Picardi curated this capsule collection, which included items that captured the spirit and history of Pride. They include things created by retailers and designers who identify as LGBTQ+ such as inclusive size labels (Chromat), t-shirts for gender non-conforming people (Phluid Project) and t-shirts with logos of prominent gay nightlife establishments such as Uncle Charlie’s Downtown, Meow Mix Bar, Paradise Garage and The Saint are all inclusive (Housing Works x Opening Ceremony).

“Working with Float4 as a content development partner for @Bloomingdale’s Carousel since 2018 has been a great experience. During that time, we’ve collaborated on over 22 branded digital content capsules,” says Kevin HarterIntegrated Marketing VP of Float4.

Float4 Pride for All Bloomingdale's

“Through each capsule they created, the studio demonstrated their dexterity with digital media production techniques, such as mixing live action footage and real-time graphics, as well as their mastery of digital media technology, requiring specialized equipment and careful planning. produce content for dynamic display ratios and resolutions.

“The Float4 team custom designed each piece of content for each specific theme and display technology and therefore were able to deliver exciting and engaging visuals for any environment we wanted to create at the Carousel, helping to make it like no other pop-up shop in the world.”

This year, Float4 collaborated with Electrosonic on booth #1365, using the Realmotion Media Server, in conjunction with Smart Monkeys, Inc., to manage the media walls in the booth. The stand will have moving interactive content, with which visitors can interact and play.

Founder and CEO of Float4 Alexander Simionescuaccount Manager Nigel Alexanderand marketing project manager Alexandra Margulescu will be present at IAAPA Trade Show to discuss all things digital experience design for themed attractions and entertainment with attendees.

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