For haggling over Rs 15 maize, a minister is roasted


‘Rs 45? That’s too expensive,’ said Union minister Faggan Singh Kulaste


‘It’s too expensive’ – a Union Minister’s comment on Rs 15 an ear of corn being sold by a roadside vendor in Madhya Pradesh has drawn opposition ire. Faggan Singh Kulaste, was seen trying to negotiate not to have to pay 45 rupees for three pieces of corn cobs, in a video he himself shared on Twitter.

Mr Kulaste, a BJP leader, was seen giving detailed instructions on how to prepare the corns for him, but was surprised when the seller quoted Rs 45 for three pieces.

“Rs 45? It’s too expensive,” said Mr. Kulaste, Minister of State at the Steel Ministry. To which, the corn seller, with a smile on his face, replied, “That’s the standard fare. I didn’t quote an inflated price because you were traveling by car.”

“Corns are available for free here,” Mr. Kulaste added. However, he ends up paying the trader’s asking price.

“Going from Seoni to Mandla today. I tasted the local maize. We all should buy groceries from local farmers and traders. This will guarantee them employment and pure produce,” Mr Kulaste tweeted on Thursday. .

The opposition Congress slammed the minister for haggling with a roadside vendor.

“He is so poor that 15 rupees for a piece of maize is too much for him. Imagine the situation of ordinary citizens,” tweeted KK Mishra, chairman of the Madhya Pradesh Congress media department.

Home Secretary Narottam Mishra defended Mr Kulaste and said: “He got out of his car and spoke to the corncob seller. He paid much more than he asked for.”

The video came at a time when the country is feeling the pinch of rising prices and the opposition is attacking the government over the issues of rising GST rates and the depreciation of the rupee.

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