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Fresh Corn Recipes – Delicious Summer Corn Recipe Ideas

When the first sightings of fresh, sweet corn start popping up in grocery stores, we can’t help but imagine tons of creative corn recipes to prepare. Whip up a family batch of corn pasta, frozen corn chowder, or corn-speckled salmon burgers for a fun summer dinner recipe. Stir some of it into roasted corn pudding for a side dish you’ll be thinking about all summer long (pair it with a smoked grilled chicken breast!), Or add it to a fresh bean dip for it. ultimate picnic. Try fresh corn kernels on the cob with tomatoes and basil for a quintessential summer salad, or crispy corn cakes that will officially become your family’s most requested meal. If in doubt, save the corn on the cob, brush it with butter (try BBQ butter at # 15!), Eat and repeat all summer.

So what can you do with all that sweet corn at the farmer’s market? First, you’ll need to decide how you want to cook it – or even if you want to cook it at all. There are almost as many ways to cook corn as there are to eat it, so here are the basics to get you started: Fresh, shelled corn takes about 2 to 4 minutes to boil or about 10 to 15 minutes to broil. Whether you want to leave the pods in place or not, soak them or not, or just cut the kernels and eat them raw, it’s up to you. Take the whole summer to experiment.

If you have a lot of fresh corn (you’re in luck!), You have a choice: delicious Mexican-inspired corn recipes (wait until you try the toppings in # 10) and colorful, healthy corn recipes. to creamy recipes, sweet corn recipes, this summer produce superstar can be enjoyed in so many ways – and we plan to try them all.

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