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George Ransom Kenreck passed away peacefully on June 8, 2022.

Several decades ago, in the mid-1950s, there was a single mother with five young boys. One day the door of the house opened and a man came in. Five exuberant young boys ran up to him shouting “Are you going to our new daddy?” he never had a chance.

George Ransom Kenreck was that man. George was born in West Los Angles, California on May 25, 1928, and lived to be 94 years old. Some may call his younger years “The Good Ole Days.” However, the past years have not always been “good”.

George’s childhood was pretty much fatherless, as both his father and stepfather died young. Leaving his mother to take care of him, his two brothers and his three sisters. To make ends meet, George sold newspapers, fished off the Santa Monica Pier, catching and selling fish for a penny a piece, and since LA was mostly farmland, he gleaned beans that fishermen had left behind. When he was a teenager, being tall for his age, his mother lied about his age and got him a job at the bakery where she worked. He worked sooner or later while attending University High School in Santa Monica, California.

He was still in high school when World War II was raging. He joined the army in 1946 for a brief stint until 1947 when he received his first honorable discharge. Again, he served in the Philippines for about a year and a half before being honorably discharged in 1953. While serving his country, he was awarded the Korea Service Medal, United Nations Service Medal, and Korean Service Medal. of the national defense service. He received a “full” honorable discharge from the Army in 1960.

George learned his craft and his love for construction from his sister’s husband, Roy Atherton. He first built swimming pools and then became a journeyman carpenter, which led him to become a general contractor in California.

When George met this single mother with five boys, Zelma Asaro, he had already been married. However, his previous wife fell seriously ill and was incapacitated by polio and was placed in an iron lung. This marriage did not survive. George and Zelma were married on May 23, 1959 in North Hollywood, California. George and Zelma quickly added a baby girl to their family.

George then took his wife Zelma and their six children to Tarkington Prairie, Texas in 1960. There the strong, hardworking man took a full-time job at Union Carpentry in Houston, where he even worked on the ‘Astrodome, while in the evenings and on weekends, they tended about 70 acres of rented farmland, where they had dozens of cows, chickens and a few pigs. George and Zelma planted and harvested hay for the cows and a garden of corn, peas, squash and watermelon for their family.

General Contractor brought George and Zelma back to Lancaster, California in 1965. George worked as hard as ever in his new construction business, building projects such as: jet engine test facilities, roads , bridges, flume weirs, underground storm flumes and its largest project – The Monolith Portland Cement Plant. He enjoyed hunting and fishing, which he sometimes did while working all over California. He always loved the mountains, so he bought land in the Tehachapi Mountains. With the help of his five sons, a mountain hut was built. Almost every weekend was spent there, until… In 1978, ranch and farm life called George and Zelma back to Texas. They bought 110 acres on Tarkington Prairie and picked up where they left off in 1965. They lived the rest of their lives there.

It’s unclear how these five fatherless boys would have turned out, if George hadn’t walked through that door into their lives and never left. One of these boys grew up and always said, “Do you want to know what a daddy is? That’s what a dad is!

George is predeceased by his wife, Zelma Kenreck; mother, Mae Butcher Dodd; stepfather, CC Dodd; father, Daniel Francis Kenreck; sister, Lucile, Claudia and Béatrice; brothers, Odis and Dan; son-in-law, David and his wife Jill; grandsons, Aaron, Stuart, Anthony and Justin Asaro.

George is survived by his stepsons, Steven Asaro and his wife Colleen, Bruce Asaro and his wife Marcella, Roy Asaro, Stanley Asaro and his wife Karen; daughter, Susan Alexander and her husband Tommy; grandchildren, Brian, Stephanie, Alisa, Robert, Tyson, Ben, Libby, Hennessey, Allison, Barbara and Cindy. Also, his nephew, his nieces, his great-grandchildren and many friends.

George Ransom Kenreck’s funeral will be held at Pace Stancil Funeral Home in Cleveland, Texas on June 18, 2022, beginning at 10:00 a.m. In lieu of flowers, the family asks you to make a donation to the charity of your choice.

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