Get your K-food fix at these Korean street eateries in Singapore


There are many things we miss about South Korea, and one of them has to be the food – specifically the delicious, unpretentious Korean street food you can find just about anywhere. .

Although we can now travel to Seoul via the VTL, sometimes all it takes is a hearty meal to satisfy our wanderlust. Also, the idea of ​​going through all the paperwork, paying for multiple ART and PCR tests just for food isn’t exactly appealing either.

One of Seoul’s most popular shopping streets, MyeongDong was packed with tourists and Korean street vendors along the road, but with COVID-19, many shops and street vendors have closed.

Korean street vendors sell everything from spicy rice cakes, hotteok, Korean fish cake, egg bread, corn dogs and kebabs, with each stall selling a specific item. (Image credit: Bundo Kim on Unsplash)

If you’re not ready to make the trip just yet, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up our favorite Korean street eateries in Singapore for you to feast on. Yes, this includes tteokbokkicorn dogs and even marinated skewers.

Our favorite Korean street food restaurants in Singapore:

(Hero and star image credit: @coleeats)

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Unlike American corndogs, Korean corndogs are skewered, then coated in a sweet flour batter and sometimes topped with diced potatoes and cornflakes. But that’s not all – these corn dogs are also covered in a layer of sugar after being fried for extra indulgence. At 82 Bunsik, you have six corndogs to choose from, but our favorite is the Mozz, a mixed mozzarella and hot dog skewer.

Apart from the Ang Mo Kio location, 82 Bunsik has another outlet in Djitsun Mall in Bedok.

(Image credit: @eatuntilbao)


61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Jubilee Square, Singapore 569814


Cafe Own, a sister joint to 82 bunsik, also offers the brand’s corndogs and croffles (croissant waffles), but they’ve also included a few bingsu options to beat the heat. Considering how bingsu the joints in Singapore have slowly disappeared, we love that we can still get the frozen treat here along with other sweet treats.

(Image credit: @82_own)


2 Handy Rd, #01-01, Singapore 229233


Dining at a Pocha in Korea is always a special experience. You gather with your friends late at night inside a makeshift red tent near the street, pop a few bottles of soju, and enjoy some Korean comfort food. If you’re looking to recreate that vibe here in Singapore, then head to Pocha in a Forest. From makgeolli with Korean pancakes and chimaek to favorites like corn cheese and rice balls, you are guaranteed to have a great time here.

(Image credit: @fatluntjcalan via Instagram)


Prinsep St, 36 #01-01 Singapore 188648


Tteokbokki fans, this one’s for you. A pot of tteokbokki for two to three guests, here is a hearty portion of long and short rice cakes, fish cakes, spring onions, cabbage, rice noodles and boiled eggs that are cooked directly at the table. Here’s a tip: add a serving of Gooey Cheese Chute to the jar for that extra indulgence (sorry, lactose-intolerant friends). Other items on the menu include an assortment of donuts, Korean blood sausage, and fried chicken.

(Image credit: @piggweee via Instagram)


88 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088509


21:00 Kkochi boasts of being the first Korean street food and kebab restaurant in Singapore. Choose between the customizable Cup Bab and Kkochi Box (these have carbs like dry ramyeon to keep you full) or just the gravy skewers that have been coated in a Korean marinade or seasoned with Korean spices.

(Image credit: @pinkypiggu via Instagram)


1 Woodlands Square, #B1-K11 Causeway Point, Singapore 738099


We missed the Egg Drop stuffed sandwiches, and seeing celebrities having them in dramas certainly doesn’t help our cravings either. The Singapore Egg Stop is the solution. Think thick toast that has been buttered and toasted right in front of you, before being stuffed with a generous amount of toppings. Our favorites here include the Beef Chilli Cheese and the hearty Fried Chicken Sando.


1 Harbourfront Walk B2-K19, VivoCity Singapore 098585


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