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CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WV News) – Harrison County schools menus for March.

(Breakfasts offer fruit, juice and milk)

Tuesday, March 1: Snack’n waffles.

Wednesday, March 2: Sausage biscuit.

Thursday March 3: Yogurt, string cheese.

Friday, March 4: Chef’s choice.

Monday, March 7: Bagel, cereal of your choice.

Tuesday March 8: Mini pancakes.

Wednesday, March 9: Great donut.

Thursday, March 10: Yogurt parfait.

Friday, March 11: Chef’s choice.

Monday March 14: Frudel.

Tuesday, March 15: Breakfast bread.

Wednesday, March 16: Benefit bar.

Thursday, March 17: Sausage pancake sandwich.

Friday March 18: No school for students. Professional learning day.

Monday, March 21: mini French toast.

Tuesday, March 22: Chicken biscuit.

Wednesday, March 23: Cinnamon Breakfast Bar.

Thursday March 24: Snack’n waffles.

Friday, March 25: Chef’s choice.

Monday, March 28: Sausage biscuit.

Tuesday, March 29: Yogurt, string cheese.

Wednesday, March 30: Bagel, cereal of your choice.

Thursday March 31: Mini pancakes.

(Milk is served at all meals. Water is available at all meals)

Tuesday, March 1: School pizza, green salad, baby carrots, mixed fruit, cookie.

Wednesday, March 2: Dr. Seuss’ birthday dinner with ham and cheese croissants, pasta salad noodle poodles, one fish two goldfish, apples on top.

Thursday, March 3: Chicken tortilla soup, corn chips, peas, selection of fruits.

Friday, March 4: Breaded chicken strips, gratin dauphinois, baked beans, whole grain roll, selection of fruits.

Monday, March 7: Grilled chicken salad with chickpeas, twisted garlic breadsticks, brownie, fruit.

Tuesday, March 8: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, lima beans, homemade bun, fruit.

Wednesday, March 9: Calzone with marinara, green salad, slices of green pepper, crispy apple with honey.

Thursday, March 10: Barbecue pork rib sandwich, sweet potato fries, mixed vegetables, selection of fruits.

Friday, March 11: Chicken quesadilla with salsa, potato nuggets, carrots and celery sticks, fruit selection.

Monday, March 14: Hamburger or cheeseburger, sweet potato nuggets, baked beans, selection of fruits.

Tuesday, March 15: Creamed chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, biscuit, selection of fruits.

Wednesday, March 16: Hot dog, oven fries, coleslaw, fruit selection, birthday treat.

Thursday, March 17: Rotini with meat sauce, green salad, lima beans, breadsticks, fruit selection, Shamrock sugar cookie.

Friday March 18: No school for students. Professional learning day.

Monday, March 21: Breaded pork chop, fries with sauce, carrots with dip, whole grain roll, chocolate chip cookie, fruit.

Tuesday, March 22: Taco Tuesday, nachos with beef taco, salsa, cheese cup, refried beans, Spanish rice, fruit selection.

Wednesday, March 23: Pepperoni rolls, green salad, cheese wedge, baked beans, fruit selection.

Thursday, March 24: Mac and cheese, smile potatoes, green beans, fruit selection, red fish crackers.

Friday, March 25: Chef’s salad, sweet potato fries, breadstick, selection of fruits.

Monday, March 28: Mini corn dogs, seasoned waffle fries, broccoli and cheese, fruit.

Tuesday March 29: Breakfast for lunch, scrambled eggs, sausage and biscuit juice, baked potatoes with peppers, fruit selection.

Thursday, March 30: Salted baked chicken, buttered noodles, broccoli and parmesan, whole grain bun, selection of fruits.

Friday, March 31: Sloppy Joe, sweet potato fries, baked beans, fruit selection.

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