Have you been to Zook’s Family Farm Stand in Presque Isle, Maine?


There’s a cornucopia of fresh vegetables on the farm stand at the Aroostook Center mall in Presque Isle.

We stopped by recently to find that Zook’s Family Farm has everything from ripe tomatoes and potatoes to garlic and gigantic carrots. You can stock up on good things and have a nice chat with Joseph who runs the stand and takes care of the farming.

He said that right now people are buying pumpkins and corn stalks to decorate the fall season and Halloween. He also said that the tomatoes go fast because they are harvested early and are beautiful and ripe right now. The potatoes have had a great season and he’s got a lot of them.

While we were talking we noticed a bunch of beans in a bucket and asked what they were used for. Joseph said these beans are returning to the farm for the cows to feast on.

Joseph settles in almost every day except Sunday. He’s there most of the day from early in the morning until around 5:00 p.m.

In winter, chair making is work. The same type of chair he uses on his cart (see photo). Looks like a nice comfortable ride with a warm blanket and jacket.

We noticed the horses were hanging out in the shed and asked if it was okay to take a photo. Joseph said yes, but he said it was a good idea to talk to them while you were going up so they would know we were there. Say hello to Bess and Rose.

Enjoy the gallery we’ve put together of some of the farm-fresh food you can get here at the Presque Isle Mall.

Zook’s Family Farm booth at Aroostook shopping center

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