Health official says avoid home remedies


FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – With the recent recall and subsequent shortage of infant formula in the United States, parents are feeling the pressure.

“It’s like impossible to find, so I would say mostly just nervous.” said Melissa Osland, a mother in Moorhead.

Substitute recipes have been popping up on social media and health officials say they pose a risk to children’s safety and well-being.

“These recipes floating around make me really nervous,” said Stephanie Hanson, a pediatrician at Sanford Health. “If they get the wrong food, they can have problems with brain damage, seizures, kidney damage. It can be really risky to use these kinds of homemade recipes.

Some of these recipes come from the 1960s which includes boiling water. Other substitutes use goat’s milk and corn syrup. Hanson said parents should avoid them because babies have specific needs. Hanson also recommends not diluting formula to try to make it last longer.

“It can cause a nutrient imbalance and cause brain damage and seizures.” Hansson said.

With the shelves being sterile when it comes to infant formula, it puts a lot of pressure on parents across the country. Osland sometimes relies on the help of others on social media to provide food for his son.

“That gives her enough food for two more days so I’m going to take what I can get and help out other mums if I hope to have leftovers.” Osland said.

Sanford Health’s Hanson also advises people not to hoard formula as the country continues to deal with shortages.

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