Hetty McKinnon’s Delicious Summer Lasagna


Few things beat a classic lasagna, one of the world’s most beloved comfort foods.

This interpretation is imbued with the sunny vitality of summer products.

I used raw ripe summer tomatoes in this dish, shredding them to get their skins off, then seasoning them generously with garlic, salt, black pepper and olive oil.

The result is a salty, sort of tomato juice that sings with the liveliness and liveliness of breezy summer meals.

Most of the work in this lasagna is grating the tomatoes with a box grater. It takes a bit of perseverance, but this preparation technique really produces the perfect bright tomato “juice” for this dish.

This lighter lasagna uses zucchini, grated tomatoes, corn, pasta sheets and ricotta cheese.(Provided: Hetty McKinnon)


  • For construction it is important to use a large baking dish which is at least 6 cm deep. This is because the zucchini and corn are raw, so each layer is quite thick. The vegetables will cook and release the moisture the lasagne sheets need to soften.
  • I used ready-to-cook (dry) lasagne sheets in this recipe, and I overlap them slightly so they fit without needing to be cut. You can also use fresh lasagne sheets in this recipe, the cooking time remains the same. The end result is not “saucy” like ordinary lasagna, but “juicy” thanks to the natural essence that oozes from tomato, zucchini and corn.
  • I like to serve this with bread, to soak up those juices in the pan.


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