How TikToker Jeremy Scheck Navigates Farmers Markets


Video social media apps have exploded in recent years, bringing in stars overnight. While many have become famous YouTubers over the years, that doesn’t compare to the rapid success some TikTokers have had. One of the most notable trends on TikTok is the sharing of recipes and cooking hacks, which TikToker Jeremy Scheck has achieved huge success. As one of today’s top food influencers, Scheck recently shared her tips for shopping at farmers’ markets to create fresh recipes this summer.

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Who is Jeremy Scheck?

Recently celebrating his 22nd birthday, Scheck has always been interested in all things culinary. In addition to cooking in his home kitchen, he worked at a local bakery and taught cooking classes in Williams-Sonoma, according to his biography on He is also pursuing studies in Spanish and Italian at Cornell University, taking courses such as nutrition, food science, and culinary science, to pursue his culinary dreams.

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The young TikToker launched his @ScheckEats TikTok account in March 2020, during quarantine, to showcase his cooking skills while mixing up his fun personality. Since his first video, Scheck has acquired over 2.1 million subscribers on the popular app. To further expand its reach for its culinary creations, Scheck has an upcoming cookbook in the works to further ScheckEats’ ultimate goal of “share, learn, and enjoy.”

Browse farmers markets with advice from Scheck

Exclusively Mashed interview, Scheck shared his cooking experience at Newell Creative Kitchen in Hoboken, New Jersey. According to Multivu, the brick-and-mortar space was developed to serve as a hub for content creation and cooking inspiration, connecting people to the latest trends in food and cooking. The space did just that for Scheck by inspiring innovation and creativity to work on two Farmer’s Market-inspired recipes.

Scheck calls farmers markets his “happy place,” so he was excited to explore fresh ingredients and use Newell’s fun gear to share his versatile recipes with fans. He shared with Mashed that he never goes to farmers’ markets with a list in mind, and always buys “what’s in season and what looks good at that time.”

For example, for his Farmer’s Market Hummus, he suggested those struggling to find beets use a head of garlic or red peppers and roast them to make a delicious hummus with the most local ingredients. costs. Similarly, with his All the Veggies Pasta Primavera, one could use cherry tomatoes and fresh corn instead of asparagus and Peppadew peppers, as the recipe can easily be adapted to seasonal vegetables. Recipe adaptability is one of Scheck’s main cooking philosophies, as he always tries to include ways for people to switch up ingredients to suit their unique needs or the items they have on hand.

As a seasoned farmer’s market shopper, Sheck shared his top tip for a successful trip this season: always speak with vendors to learn more about their produce and ask for ways to cook with the ingredient or complementary items to create amazing dishes.

Other tips for intuitive recipes & the essentials of Scheck in the kitchen

By creating several TikTok videos every week, many would think that Scheck spends a lot of time planning recipes and buying the necessary ingredients. However, he shared that it’s harder for him to start with a recipe, and instead he heads to the farmer’s market to see what looks good and uses it as a “stepping stone, instead. instead of starting with an end in mind”. Once in the kitchen, Scheck’s essentials are a good silicone spatula and a good blender.

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