How to add herbs to your holiday dinner


It’s pretty widely believed that herbs, fresh or dried, can take a meal to new heights of delight. Whether you’re picking straight from the garden or looting your herb and spice cabinet, a carefully chosen herbal seasoning will work wonders.

Many herbs are associated with different seasons and flavors. Think summer salads with freshly picked basil or sprigs of garden dill ready to accompany your pickled cucumbers.

Winter holidays also bring nostalgic aromas of sage, rosemary and thyme. There are plenty of ways to incorporate herbs into your party meal, and not just for flavorful potions either.

So, when planning your holiday feast this year, be sure to prepare for every dish.

Pepper mint

Homemade chocolate and peppermint pancakes

source: Homemade Chocolate Peppermint Patties / One Green Planet

With the holidays come the images of sweet peppermint candy canes, peppermint rind and patties. Peppermint, however, is much more versatile than that.

Peppermint is incredibly refreshing and is also suitable for savory dishes. Mint sauce is commonly served with roast dinners in the UK. You can try making your own mint sauce and pouring it into your potatoes or nut bread for a fun flavor combination.

Also, don’t forget that mint pairs really well with your after-dinner cocktail, like in this mint mojito. Not to mention, the peppermint sprigs look very festive when poking into the whipped cream atop your tall mug of hot chocolate.


vegan parsnip with rosemary and nut butter

The source: Parsnip with rosemary ‘butter’ and nuts / One Green Planet

Few holiday dinners are prepared without the inclusion of rosemary somewhere in the mix. This must be because rosemary, with its familiar aromatic aroma and flavor, pairs wonderfully with vegetables.

When roasting a platter of root vegetables this holiday, whether it’s parsnips, sweet potatoes, carrots or potatoes, don’t leave sprigs of rosemary fresh. You can also bake bread for the meal seasoned with rosemary, or add it to your mashed potatoes, white or sweet!

Rosemary can also play a flavor role in your nut roast or homemade stuffing. Oh, and don’t forget the dessert. These lemon rosemary cookies will be an herbal treat after dinner.


Lavender truffles

Source: Lavender truffles / One Green Planet

While lavender might not be the first herb you think of when imagining a holiday dinner, maybe think again. If you’re looking to do something a little different this year, try using the beautifully aromatic and floral weed.

Lavender works very well in a number of different desserts for its flavor and appearance. These lavender truffles are absolutely gorgeous and would be perfect to share at a holiday party. It also tastes very decadent infused in a mug of hot chocolate.


Vegan mushroom and sage stuffing

source: Show Stopper Mushrooms and sage stuffing / One Green Planet

Much like its friend, rosemary, sage is a sure scent that will float in kitchens this time of year. Sage is a staple in the obligatory and welcome holiday stuffing, while also adding the perfect salty tones to the gravy boat.

It might not be surprising at this point that sage also works great in sweet dishes like this Butternut Squash and Sage Apple Patty. You can also add it to corn muffins that you can serve with the main course.

Sage leaves are also delicious in tea. You can add a few leaves to your favorite black tea blend or make one of these black tea sage lattes for a nice after dinner drink.


Mini Hasselback Potatoes with Garlic

source: Mini Hasselback Potatoes with Garlic / One Green Planet

Here’s another one that might not be the first herb you think of for holiday dinner. Parsley is often overlooked as a simple garnish, but can actually help transform a dish with its fresh, vibrant flavor.

Try adding parsley to your roasted potatoes like with these Hasselback Garlic Mini Potatoes. You can also add fresh parsley to your vegetable side dishes. Discover these green beans in a blister pack with candied lemon and parsley.


Parsnip Thyme Grain Free Crackers

The source: Parsnip Thyme Grain Free Crackers / One Green Planet

This delicate and sweet little herb can add a tasty punch to both sweet and savory dishes. When preparing your stuffing or roasting your vegetables, consider adding fresh or dried thyme for an extra earthy, lemony flavor.

It can also be fun to make homemade thyme crackers with vegan thyme cream cheese for your fourth course! How about serving your cheese plate with thyme-flavored roasted grapes for something a little different.

Then, if by any chance there is room for dessert, you can try sharing these chocolate, almond and thyme pies. You can also combine thyme with the festive flavor of oranges with this Blood Orange Thyme Cake for a sweet and savory treat.

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