How to cook the perfect chili chicken? Chef Kunal Kapur Shows


All chicken lovers fall for the delicious taste of chili chicken. The dish has fans all over the country. The hot and sweet flavors combine very well to add to the juiciness of the chicken. The slightly crispy coating of the chicken pieces is another reason foodies love this dish so much. And guess what? The dish is quite easy to make. But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful while cooking. In fact, many people go wrong in the kitchen by making chili chicken. Do not worry. Celebrity chef Kunal Kapur shows us how to make the perfect chili chicken without missing the details.

In a video he posted on Instagram, he talked about the various factors and ingredients that affect the making of this scrumptious dish.

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One of the ingredients that causes us a lot of confusion is wheat flour or corn flour. In order to create the crispy layer on the chicken pieces, a layer of wheat flour or corn flour is needed. But if you add too much while marinating the chicken, it can backfire. Instead of enhancing the dish, the thick coating will spoil the texture of the chicken pieces. After frying, the chicken pieces become as tough as pakoras, which you don’t want. On top of that, the thick fried coating can peel off when cooked in the sauce. This will just leave the chicken pieces without any additional coating. It is therefore best to add only a thin layer of cornmeal when marinating the chicken.

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Many of you may not know that baking soda plays a vital role in this recipe. While marinating the chicken, add a little baking soda. This will help soften the chicken and add to its juiciness. You can try this trick even when using mutton or any other meat for a similar recipe.

Often people wonder how to make hot chicken sauce or how to keep it dry. The recipes for these two forms of dish are the same. You just need to vary the amount of sauce you cook the chicken with. The more sauce you add, the more sauce you have.

Savor this delicious dish with these pro tips from Chef Kunal Kapoor.


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