How to keep asparagus from falling through your grill grates


If you’ve ever grilled asparagus, you know that the high heat of the grill works wonders on vegetables, bringing out their natural sweetness and nutty flavor. You probably also know that grilling asparagus can be frustrating, with even bigger spears that tend to fall through the grill grates. On the Internet, various methods are suggested for keeping asparagus on the right side of the grill, ranging from wrapping the spears in a packet of aluminum foil which is then placed on the grill, to laying a baking sheet in metal on the grill grates and using its heat to grill the vegetable (via Master class).

Another method we spotted that can put the asparagus in place comes from Culinary of Leite, suggesting another mode of attack: skewering multiple spears together, then grilling that entire “raft” as a unit. The outlet suggests taking some cleaned and trimmed asparagus spears and starting by pushing a skewer that has been soaked in water (so it doesn’t burn on the grill) through the lower end of the lance, perpendicular to the lance. Once pushed almost completely, another skewer is added to the top of the spear, then about five more spears of asparagus can be threaded onto the skewers in the same way. This useful technique results in a well-secured rectangle that can be easily grilled, with no more asparagus lost in the flames below.

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