In the headlines: Dispensary in the city center burglarized 2 weeks after its opening; Corn Tortilla DNA


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–LA County “dedicates about 200 square miles of space — about nine Manhattans — to parking alone.” [NYT]

-A Kern County Sheriff’s Office Detentions Deputy was arrested on suspicion of possessing and being under the influence of methamphetamine while working at a Bakersfield jail. [KTLA]

—Animal rights protesters are uniting this weekend in Santa Monica Place to urge Nike to stop making shoes from the skins of kangaroos brutally killed by the thousands every night in Australia’s commercial kangaroo industry. [Facebook]

—Last Friday, Green Qween, a new downtown POC-run and queer cannabis dispensary, was robbed just two weeks after it opened, devastating owners on the precipice of Pride Month. [Green Qween/Instagram]

—San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department deputies and Colton Police Department officers shot and killed a suspected bank robbery suspect in San Bernardino Thursday afternoon, following a car chase. [KTLA]

—LAPD shot and killed a 30- to 35-year-old man in Koreatown on Thursday morning. [LAT]

—Workers at the three-member Korean barbecue chain Genwa successfully organized as part of the California Retail & Restaurant Workers Union. [LAist]

—The more we learn about Rick Caruso, the more terrified we are of a future where he is mayor of Los Angeles. [NY Mag]

—A new study reveals that THC levels detected in the blood or breath of cannabis users are not a reliable indicator of impairment, nor reliable evidence of how recently the test subjects have used cannabis. [High Times]

The mayor of the municipality of Cuauhtémoc in Mexio City ordered that all hand-painted signs from street food carts be removed and replaced with the logo of the mayor’s office. [Brand Inquirer]

—”BBees are now fish, California courts say, “using a loophole to try to protect bumblebees from agricultural industry pesticide use and monoculture. [Vice]

— Breaking down the origins and DNA of the corn tortilla. [Culinary Backstreets]

—Pivotal scenes from the new Star Wars series Obi Wan Kenobi were filmed at East Los Angeles College. [TC]

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