Is ranch flavored soda real?


Ranch flavored soda is a very real and very polarizing product. In fact, this drink was developed with a unique recipe that eerily mimics the nation’s favorite salad dressing. Rocket Fizz, a specialty goods chain, makes a brand of soda called Lester’s Fixins, which comes in a wide variety of funky and unorthodox flavors, including bacon, grass, black olive, butter and peanut jelly, sweet corn and – you guessed it – ranch dressing.

The white sauce-inspired strain debuted in 2013, according to HuffPost. A few editors gave the pop a go and were met with instant regret. One said: “The smell is of blue cheese, plastic and smelly feet. The taste is like sugar and coconut, but THE SMELL IS SO REPELLENT I CAN’T PASS IT.”

Another testified: “You know, there’s almost nothing I won’t eat, but just the smell of it brought tears to my eyes.” The taste isn’t the problem, it just tastes like sweet soda. The problem is lactic, blue – a synthetic cheese flavor that gets into your soft palate and nose when you swallow. Just thinking about it gives me chills.”

So if you’re bold enough to sip a bottle of ranch-flavored soda, we wish you all the best. Then maybe continue to smother your dishes with the real stuff.


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