Japanese Chef Makes Mouth Water With Delicious Street Corn Recipe


Japanese chef Mugi Rice (@HG7654321) is a popular Twitter following for veteran and aspiring cooks, providing game-changing recipes and cooking “lifehacks” like using mochi to make perfect pancakes, rice cooker roast beefand appetizing egg tempura.

Now Mugi Rice is turning its attention to one of Japan’s favorite festivals: grilled corn on the cob. At Japanese summer festivals, you’ll often find plenty of them lined up in front of stalls selling grilled corn, slathered in soy sauce and butter. However, it can be a little difficult to create a festival style at home, as many end up overcooking or burning the corn, which can end up missing the mark on the flavor enjoyed at the festival stalls.

Luckily, Mugi Rice took to Twitter to provide a step-by-step recipe and cooking process to perfectly capture the festival-style corn on the cob that looks absolutely delicious and has people raving!

First, roast the corn directly on the stovetop with the skin still on. Once roasted, let it cool before peeling it.

Photo: @HG7654321


Photo: @HG7654321

Next, sprinkle some water over the corn, then wrap it in plastic wrap and heat it in the microwave for five minutes.


Photo: @HG7654321

Serve it on a warm plate, brush it with soy sauce, toss it on a plate of butter and watch it melt.


Photo: @HG7654321

According to Mugi Rice, this best replicates the way smoked corn from street stalls is grilled after heating. The recipe (thanks so much to the mouth-watering photos!) has taken off online, and many are hoping to try the easy method at home. If you’ve never eaten corn on the cob at a Japanese summer festival, now you know how to prepare it.


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