Korean restaurant to host Squid Game-themed Halloween parties


A Korean restaurant in Ottawa will hold its place Squid game competitions this weekend as part of a Halloween event inspired by the popular Netflix series.

The show, produced and set in South Korea, features contestants putting their lives at risk in a series of contests to win a big cash prize.

On Saturday and Sunday, Seoul Dog on O’Connor Street, which serves mostly Korean-style corn dogs, will hand out a prize of 145,000 South Korean Won (CA $ 150) for the best-inspired costume from the show, as well as a prize. $ 100 prize for best unrelated costume.

Outfits from the show, such as the green tracksuits worn by the contestants and the black masks and pink hoodies of the game workers, have become popular costumes this Halloween season.

The restaurant will also host games based on those on the show where contestants can win prizes – but without the fatal consequences that could follow failure.

In an interview with CBC Radio All in one day Seoul Dog co-owner Heechan Park said on Wednesday Squid game attracts him in part because he presents games that he loved in his youth.

“There are a few games that I haven’t played much, but I know them all,” he told host Alan Neal.

“I grew up playing these games in school… whenever we had a break we would go out and play, sometimes on the streets on weekends when I was a kid.”

Another memory from his youth is buying the Dalgona cookies, which are featured on the show, after school.

Seoul Dog co-owner Heechan Park said the games featured in the Netflix Squid Game series reminded him of his childhood in South Korea. (Heechan Park)

Spoiler alert

Spoiler alert: in a Squid game scene, the contestants have to carve different shapes of the Dalgona cookies. If they accidentally break the shape in the center, it’s over for them.

While Park has not revealed how many games will take place this weekend, he said participants can win a prize by completing the same challenge.

But he has to limit the number of winners to 10 people because the show reveals an easy way to extract the shape.

“We don’t want everyone to come back with hundreds of cookies looking for a prize,” he said. “So you have to do it quickly and efficiently. “

Cookies are easy to make with sugar and baking soda, with a little practice.

“For newbies, you might end up with hot and ugly, burnt lumps of sugar,” Park said.

Although Park didn’t reveal his costume straight away, he dropped a hint.

The workers in the series have shapes on their masks that represent their role in the games. He says he ordered costumes for Seoul Dog employees to wear on weekends.

The restaurant hopes the weekend’s events will help with its planned transition to a wider range of Korean food and drink.

“We will do our best to welcome everyone and give them a good experience,” he said.

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