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Lehi, home to many fried chicken and pizzerias, now has a Wingstop. The Buffalo-style chicken wing restaurant got its start in Garland, Texas in 1994 and quickly expanded across the southeastern United States. The national chain now has over 1,500 locations, including the newest at Traverse Mountain.

The restaurant offers a simple but tasty menu. Diners can choose between traditional bone-in wings, boneless wings or the new boneless thighs. Chicken can be tossed into a plethora of sauces ranging from hot to spicy to sweet:

spicy korean

Hickory Smoked BBQ


original hot

lemon pepper

Mango Habanero



Garlic Parmesan


Louisiana Friction

To accompany the chicken, guests can add fresh cut Idaho fries, perfectly cooked and topped with sweet and savory seasoning. Other fries choices include cheese fries, voodoo fries with jalapeño cheese and Cajun seasoning, and buffalo ranch fries. Side dishes include Cajun fried corn, vegetable sticks, or freshly baked rolls.

Don’t forget the ranch side to dip!

Prices are a bit pricey, but the chain offers discounts on Mondays and Tuesdays with boneless wings for 70 cents.

Try the new restaurant. It is located at 3601 N Digital Dr. across from McDonalds.

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