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Pictured: The lobster trap at Michaels on East.

Maine excursions are rare for many of us in Southwest Florida. But we can still revisit the memory of tagging fresh shellfish along the coast without ever leaving our
Houses. Michael’s On East makes it easy for you.

The Classic Lobster Pot Special – with two 1¼ pound whole Maine lobsters, clams, Prince Edward Island mussels, red potatoes, corn on the cob and pulled butter
the envy of New England. It’s been a Friday night staple at Sarasota Restaurant for over two decades.

Sometimes, after the workday is over, try waiting until exactly 5:30 p.m. and quickly place a take-out order (use the “Michael is home” feature on the site; there’s a thumbnail online just for that
occasion). If you prefer to go in person, they will give you a signature bib. For takeout, keep your metal lobster crackers on standby at home so you can start devouring as soon as the takeout package hits your kitchen counter.

Whatever your preference for dinner – on the coffee table in the living room or at a chic table on site – make your reservation for the dish early as lobsters are limited and demand is high.
high (also, the market price fluctuates).

And if you’re wondering how the lobster special became such a coveted item, its origins date back to the late 1990s when it was introduced at Michael’s Seafood Grille in
the Sarasota wharf. After the restaurant suffered a fire and could not reopen, the special was brought to Michael’s On East around 2000.

If the lobster specialty is the savory version of ultra-indulgence at Michael’s, the award-winning key lime pie (with its pecan cookie crust and baked meringue) is its sweet counterpart.
Ordering the jumpsuit on a cozy Friday night feels like a mini coastal retreat.

Michael’s On East, 1212 East Ave. S., Sarasota, 941-366-0007. bestfood.com

Pictured: The lobster trap at Michaels on East.

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