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Having vision, determination and hope in your dream, backed by constant prayer, will open many doors for you. Ask Loly Flores, the proud owner of Lola’s Café. His restaurant is located on the corner of Lower Huntington Road and Elzey Street in Waynedale, opposite Elwood’s Appliances. The address is 2801 Lower Huntington Road.

Lola’s Cafe recently celebrated its 1st year in business.

I wandered in to see what was on the menu and was overwhelmed by Lola’s warmth and cheerful enthusiasm. She came here from El Salvador almost 24 years ago. She spent 17 years driving students on a school bus and dreamed of opening a restaurant in Waynedale. Lola has always enjoyed cooking for her loved ones and her church.

Lola runs the restaurant with her family, Maria, Esther and her children. Everything is homemade with love. Nothing comes from a tin and she uses the freshest ingredients. Every order is placed while you wait. Upon entering the restaurant, you are inundated with sensual aromas of spices and exotic scents. Lola calls it Latin Fusion because it combines dishes from El Salvador, Mexico, Puerto Rico and America.

Let me say the food is great and very reasonably priced. Lola gave me a bit of everything to try and it’s really authentic and amazing. You can season everything to your taste with its homemade sauces. While I enjoyed all of the food, the tamales and tacos were outstanding. Pupusas are homemade cornmeal tortillas filled with cheese, beans, and pork, then fried until perfect—definitely a Salvadoran treat.

Lots of people stop in for takeout or drive-thru, but there’s enough seating for about 15 people. If you haven’t stopped by yet, plan to eat at Lola’s Café soon. Your taste buds will thank you and the food is excellent, or as we say in El Salvador, “arrecho!

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