Maire Tecnimont Group (MT.MI) signs an agreement with Greenfield Nitrogen LLC for the development of a green ammonia plant in the United States


MILAN, September 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Mayor Tecnimont SpA announces that its subsidiaries MET, Stamicarbon and NextChem development have reached an agreement with Greenfield Nitrogen LLC, based in the United States, to develop the first plant dedicated to green ammonia in the American Midwest. As part of the deal, NextChem will launch a feasibility study for the 240-ton-per-day green ammonia project using green energy through the intermediate production of green hydrogen. MET Development will assist Greenfield Nitrogen in the development of the project. The technology for the plant will be supplied by Stamicarbon, which earlier this year launched its new STAMI Green Ammonia Technology.

The project is the first in a series of green ammonia plants that Greenfield Nitrogen wishes to strategically develop in the American Corn Belt. The factory and storage facility, which will be located near Garner, Iowa, will be powered by local renewable sources and supply ammonia to the local market, which is traditionally a large ammonia consuming market.

The green ammonia plant will boost the development of the low-carbon industry in the region and is expected to save more than 166,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year. The production of around 83,000 tonnes of ammonia per year will reduce the region’s dependence on ammonia currently imported from abroad.

Pierroberto Folgiero, Chairman and CEO of the Maire Tecnimont Group commented : “We are very happy that Greenfield Nitrogen has chosen Maire Tecnimont as the partner of choice for this exciting project. The combination of co-developer, technology supplier and EPC entrepreneur makes Maire Tecnimont a unique player in the green ammonia market, an area that is vital for industrializing the energy transition underway thanks to green hydrogen. Thanks to the experience and local presence of Greenfield Nitrogen, we hope that this first project will pave the way for other green industrial initiatives to come.

Linda thrasher, President, Greenfield nitrogen, SARL commented : “This partnership represents a collaboration of strengths. As a development partner, Maire Tecnimont and its subsidiaries bring decades of expertise in the successful design and execution of nitrogen projects as well as in the creation of new technologies, including state-of-the-art zero carbon facilities. technology. Greenfield’s development expertise, operational experience and market knowledge align well and position the two companies to play a critical role in achieving global decarbonization goals. “

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