McDonald’s Japan is getting new McNuggets and sweet dessert pies

hand holding spicy mcnuggets

We spend a lot of time craving food that isn’t served in the United States. For example, that big piece of pizza from Domino’s, which has so many toppings that pizza chain throws a pair of chopsticks for free so you can pick up the toppings that have fallen. (Also, let’s face it, Domino’s international toppings are superior to our ridiculous options.) SoraNews24 reports on all the new limited time menu items that have landed at McDonald’s Japan, and I feel like a McDouble isn’t cutting it anymore.

Let’s start with the savory dishes: McDonald’s Japan now offers Spicy Chicken McNuggets with Garlic and Pepper. The last time we had new McNuggets was in 2020, when the limited time only The Spicy McNuggets are out (bring them back, please!). Never mind. I guess we had the BTS meal, who made the nuggets to feel again with unique dipping sauces.

SoraNews 24 was delighted with the Spicy Garlic McNuggets, saying:

Opening our box of nuggets revealed that they were coated in a nicely seasoned batter. Popping one in our mouths, we were surprised to find that this crispy, deep-fried coating was so well seasoned with black pepper that it immediately woke up our taste buds, even without any dipping.

The taste of black pepper was clearly pronounced and quite delicious. Adding a dollop of the included garlic soy sauce mayonnaise only made each morsel even tastier, creating a smooth creaminess and hint of garlic in every bite.

If that’s not a convincing review, then Bob is my uncle. Korean Uncle Bob. The other two items added to the McDonald’s Japan menu are sweet; SoraNews 24 also enjoyed a Canadian maple custard pie and a Belgian chocolate pie. Both received mostly positive reviews.

The Canadian maple custard pie was almost too sweet, considering it had a generous amount of maple syrup, but the light flavor of the pie crust evened out the sugar a bit. The Belgian Chocolate Pie was advertised as being as rich as the Canadian Pie was sweet, but in a good way.

Oh, America. One day our fast food lords will give us real taste bombs instead of a thousand different fried chicken sandwiches which are all pretty much the same. But until then, we can all wistfully watch from overseas as everyone enjoys their Spicy Garlic Pepper Chicken McNuggets.

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