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Wondery Wine founders Whitney and Chaz Gates are all set to appear in the sixth episode of shark tank season 14 on Friday, November 11, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. In the next episode, the husband and wife will present their product in the hope of finding an investor.

The synopsis of the new episode of shark tank bed:

“A husband and wife from Plano, Texas hope to rock the Sharks in the tank with their reimagined, higher alcohol, fruit-infused wine collection.”

shark tank: All about Wondery wine

shark tankit is Wondry is a cocktail wine “100% natural and infused with organic berry, citrus and exotic fruit extracts – with no artificial ingredients,” according to their official website

Based in Dallas, Texas, the company makes fruit-infused semi-sweet cocktail wines with an alcohol content of 13.9%. The wine costs between $15 and $60 and can be ordered from their official website. It is also available at Target and Total Wine stores in the Dallas area.

The ‘BLACK MARK’ is also a ‘5 MEDAL WINNER at Texas’ oldest and most prestigious wine competition, Lone Star International Wine Competition, according to Wondry Wine Instagram.

With every purchase, they “donate to underrepresented entrepreneurs as we help bring our communities closer to unity and inclusion.”

Who are the founders of Wondry Whitney and Chaz appearing on Shark tank?

Married couple Whitney and Chaz Gates co-founded Wondry Wine. Chaz is a practicing attorney who practiced law in New York City before returning to his hometown in Texas.

Whitney received an MBA from Washington University in St Louis and worked at several large companies, including Coca-Cola and 7UP.

The idea for Wondery originated when Whitney was a little girl and too young to drink. She was inspired by her uncle, who was an expert winemaker. She told SHOUTOUT DFW:

“Around the age of 10, I began visiting my late Uncle LC, who was paralyzed from the waist down but stood tall as the beacon of his Nashville community.”

She added:

“He was a master of all trades – barbecue, baking, conversation… but above all, home winemaking. I watched in awe as he worked his way through his garage using the weirdest tools to turn the most interesting foods into wine.

“With just a nylon glove and a gallon jug,” her late uncle would process fruits like “peaches, grapes, pears—and even corn on the cob—into this ‘happy juice.’

Although she was forbidden to drink at the time, she saw how her family and “the community drank this wine as if it were water”. Wine was a topic of conversation for all “but above all, a unifier that brought people together for carefree moments of pleasure and escape”.

Years later, she recreated her childhood moments in her kitchen and created wine. She says:

“8 years ago, as an adult of legal drinking age, I wanted to recreate those moments. So, just like my uncle LC, I started to work hard in my kitchen. I combined a range of fruit with yeast and after a few failed attempts I came across something surprisingly delicious – a semi-sweet, fruity wine with a noticeable alcohol kick.

Finally, in 2017, mother-of-one Whitney decided to create Wondry. She says:

“One night in 2017, I had a few drinks and an aha moment. Memories of my Uncle LC floated through my mind and collided with a new observation: the wine industry is so pretentious and exclusive. That’s when I recognized this tension that WONDRY Wine Co. was reborn.

The couple package, produce and label every bottle of Wondry wine, and now they’ll appear on shark tank look for investments.

Tune in to ABC on Friday, Nov. 11 to find out if Whitney and Chaz managed to impress Sharks Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban and guest Shark Peter Jones on shark tank.

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