Must visit beaches in Gujarat


With an extensive coastline, Gujarat is home to many beaches that often run to the back. Perfectly tranquil and absolutely stunning, here is the second part of Gujarat’s must-see beaches:

Mandvi Beach, Kutch

Mandvi beach at dusk

The city of Mandvi, founded in 1580 by the Rao of Kutch, Khengarji, was an integral port. The Hindu epic Mahabharata says that the beautiful seashore here was named Mandvi after Mandavya Rishi, who stayed here for a short time. The location of the beach facilitated the presence of ports and trading ports, which made it a regular part of the route of the ship merchants in the 18th century. The beach is a stretch of pristine golden-white sand that stretches south from Bhuj and is ideal for early mornings and long evenings. What else can you do here? Water and beach spots, camping, sunbathing, long walks, etc.

Pingleshwar Beach, Kutch
Crystal clear waters and golden sands make Pingleshwar Beach the perfect place to get away from it all. Located near Mandvi Kutch, the golden sand beach is not very crowded. Lined with numerous windmills, the serene beach is ideal for doing nothing, boating, surfing or parasailing, or watching the many migrating birds.

Dumas Beach, Surat
Located 21 km from Surat and along the Arabian Sea, Dumas Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the state. The black sand makes it stand out, but there’s more to the beach than natural beauty. It is said to be haunted and is often talked about for its paranormal activity. According to popular folklore, it is believed that the beach was once used as a burial ground and the remains of the people believed to have been buried here produced black sand. The departed evil souls are said to roam the beach at midnight. Perhaps that is why the Dariya Ganesh temple is located next to the main beach. During the day, the beach is perfect for spending quality leisure time with your loved ones.

Dandi Beach, Dandi

A camel ride at Dumas beach
A camel ride at Dumas beach Divyeshradadiya /

Considered one of the cleanest beaches in India, Dandi Beach has an illustrious past. It is here that Mahatma Gandhi is said to have picked up a handful of salt – an act that sounded the call of the British Raj and ultimately broke his back in India. Clean sand, sapphire waters and azure skies create a beautiful backdrop for relaxing. Don’t forget to explore the two monuments placed on the beach in memory of Gandhi: a large India Gate-like structure to commemorate the success of the march and a statue of the Mahatma holding saline mud. When you’re done exploring them, you can indulge in a snack or photograph turtles at the beach.

Tithal Beach, Valsad

Tithal Beach in Valsad
Tithal Beach in Valsad Shutterstock

Tithal Beach offers a wealth of natural and scenic beauty. Known for its black sand, the beach is hugely popular with families and groups and has a range of Indian snacks – charcoal roasted corn, bhel, dabeli and chaat – that make an evening easy. Water rides are also available, as are horse and camel rides.

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