Nunn is going to do a take-two at the Pasta House


As the number of dining establishments visited in the Upper Thumb exceeded those not visited, there was a moment of contemplation to wonder what the fate of Grabbing Grub with Nunn would be.

The remaining list of establishments is getting shorter and shorter, and although I still plan to visit them, it was obvious that if I wanted to continue enjoying great food at the patron’s expense, I needed a fresh approach. . There were several ideas I tossed around – looking for super affordable options, or maybe taking a healthier approach – but frankly, I need to get excited about an idea to use it.

In a conversation last week, I told Tribune editor Eric Young that I wish there was a way to do a take-two, or something to that effect, revisiting places I’ve been and trying things I haven’t had. the opportunity to try. When I went to Lamplighter in Sebewaing I heard they had the best chicken noodle soup. I had lunch at Varney’s in Harbor Beach, but I bet their omelettes are the, and while the Cat Man Do burger was phenomenal, I have to come back and try their sandwich challenge. Suffice it to say, that’s when I realized “take-two” was not only possible but necessary.

Where do I start? Obviously, I go back to the very beginning and head to Kevin and Helen Wiley’s restaurant, The Pasta House in Kinde. Eleven months earlier, I had started this series at The Pasta House, and the whole time Eric was editing my story, I had to hear him moan and moan that he missed. Naturally, if I really came back, I had to drag him or face more moaning.

On my last visit I had a Chicken Marsala plate, which I absolutely enjoyed. However, when I was talking to Kevin during this meal, he told me that the most popular lunch at his house was probably the Chicken Alfredo. My second take was definitely going to be this recommendation – or more specifically the Cajun Chicken Alfredo. Meanwhile, Eric carefully reviewed the menu. At one point I was pretty sure that when our waitress arrived he would ask for more time, but he surprised me by selecting the chicken parmesan at the last minute. However, he didn’t surprise me by refusing both soup options – Italian soup and shrimp corn chowder. This gave me the opportunity to double down and order them both.

I don’t know if the cooks at The Pasta House are incredibly fast, or if I lost track of time enjoying my two soups and admiring the movie and music memorabilia that make up the decor, but I swear our pasta dishes came out in a flash.

When our waitress returned with our meals, my mouth immediately started salivating. Before me sat a massive plate of Cajun Alfredo with a deeply colored sauce. The chicken, cut into bite-size pieces, was accompanied by sautéed slices of fresh mushrooms.

The pasta house

337 Main Street, Kinde, MI 48445


I looked at Eric’s plate, and honestly, I was surprised he ordered what he did. In front of him was a plate of penne noodles, topped with chicken breast, thick and thick marinara sauce, finished with melted cheese. You might not know this, but pretty much everything I wish Eric didn’t know. Since I would have swallowed chicken parmesan, he shouldn’t have liked it.

I grabbed my fork and flipped over a big helping of fettuccini and a piece of chicken. The sauce was almost exactly what my mind envisioned, it was thick, rich and flavorful. Although it lacked a bit of Cajun spice for my taste, I wasn’t surprised as that’s a common problem for me with this dish. What surprised me was the quality and cooking of the chicken pieces, which were almost melt-in-your-mouth. As an avid cook, tender chicken has long been the bane of my existence in the kitchen. Obviously, I need to trick Kevin into sharing some secrets.

Eric was also extremely happy with his selection. He said the chicken was perfectly cooked and well balanced with the breading in the sense that it didn’t overpower the breast, but provided substance for the sauce to stick.

“It’s not a chicken parmesan you’d find at a chain restaurant, it was really authentic and homemade,” he said.

Eric said the sauce was well seasoned and flavorful, with chunks of tomato.

There wasn’t much conversation over lunch, as we both enjoy our lunch. However, about halfway through, Helen came over to our table to say hello.

On the surface, The Pasta House looks like an intimate-sized establishment, but having already walked around the place with Kevin, I knew there was more to see. Since it was Eric’s first time there, I invited Helen for another tour when we were done.

I tried my best to finish my meal, but in the end I decided I couldn’t eat anymore. I considered packing the rest to take away, but there wasn’t enough for much more than a snack. Instead, I threw my napkin on my plate and put my fork down. However, this loss was short-lived and I found myself picking up my napkin and going for another bite. This was followed by dropping my now sauce covered napkin on my shirt and making the whole mess, leaving me to shamefully regret my decision for another taste.

After I finished lunch I found Helen for this tour. Walking from the main part of the restaurant, down a long hallway lined with various articles about the Wileys, The Pasta House and the community, and past the hallway is another dining room, followed by a banquet hall, a a ballroom and more. Although I had seen the facilities before, it was fun to experience it again thanks to Eric, who was impressed with the vast and varied collection of memorabilia and the size of the company.

After leaving the restaurant, the experience did not end

Take-two from The Pasta House was a huge hit, as I think takes three, four and five would be too.

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