One-of-a-kind Korean hot dogs…at Wimbledon! By Lara Phillips, Wimbledon High School



If you’re a Wimbledon local, you might have noticed the recent opening of a Korean street food restaurant, Myungrang Hot Dog. Or if you haven’t, you might have noticed the big, exploding, drum-playing hot dog that now lines Wimbledon High Street. However, the wacky concepts of the new grocery store don’t stop there; the house specialty is a hot dog on a stick filled with anything from sausage to mozzarella and dipped in corn, potatoes, more cheese or even squid ink batter . Based on the giant hot dog outside and the experimental menu, this unique restaurant seems to have a new take on Korean cuisine or even food in general, which I think most people would be concerned about, but intrigued by try.

However, whether you want to try it out or not, I’m sure you’re curious how such an iconic idea came about – I sure am! Myungrang Hot Dog started in a small market near Pusan ​​National University in Korea. In 2016, the company was started by its founder Sangwoo Kim and since then it has sold over 80 million corndogs, becoming the number 1 hot dog brand and a household name in Korea. Currently, Myungrang Hot Dogs has over 650 stores worldwide, from the United States and Mexico to the Philippines and Indonesia and now Wimbledon!

Myungrang means cheerful, cheerful and bright in Korean; a meaning that embodies the goal of providing a joyful and delicious experience when people eat Myungrang’s signature snacks.

Wimbledon local Matt LeMarquand, who has never strayed from a traditional pub fish and chip, told me, after recently branching out and trying a Myungrang corndog: “It was surprisingly delicious. And what’s more, when I ate it, I felt like I was having a really authentic Korean street food experience. I would recommend everyone at Wimbledon to go – it really is one of a kind!”

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