Ranking the 30 best Crumbl cookies


Oh, this one he has got everything! Two of the biggest and most coveted Halloween candy robberies (or old grocery store candy robberies) are on a truce to stop competing and start working together…and does the man work together. Although no Reese is officially present, you can’t help but think of them when you try this cookie base. It’s perfectly peanut buttery, not too dense or dry, not too chewy or gooey, not too mushy or sweet, but the right balance of all opposing forces.

This Crumbl #2 cookie defies expectation and tradition by mixing in not chocolate chips, raisins, or other typical finds, but that other amazing chocolate bar, Snickers. These chopped candy pieces add so much complexity to the cookie because each Snickers has layers of nuts, caramel, and milk chocolate.

If there’s a traditional fork-hatched pattern on top, well, no one would know, because the whole cookie is coated in icing that showcases arguably the best element of a Snickers, the caramel. The caramel flavors the luscious and indulgent buttercream, making it soft but in a way that lines up perfectly with the cookie base. And don’t forget those crumbled Snickers bars strewn all over the dessert in case you get, you know, extra hunger.

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