Rece Barnes shares what inspired him to create the GR8 Creations Grill


GR8 Creations is the name of Rece Barnes’ private business where he sells food to people from his personal grill. He sets up shop just outside The Chug, a village bar, and at various other locations such as basketball games, street parties, and even directly out of his home.

Barnes said the name GR8 Creations was inspired by an interaction he had with his friends.

“I always tell my family and friends that I don’t cook, I create,” Barnes said. “One day I was cooking and I created a cookie burger for some of my friends. They ate it and said it was really good, I said, ‘no, that’s awesome.’ »

From then on, Barnes stuck with the name GR8 Creations. Barnes said he loved to cook and had done it since he was young.

“I’ve been cooking since I was about 12,” Barnes said. “I used to always watch my mother in the kitchen.”

Barnes said he enjoyed cooking because he enjoyed feeding others in large quantities.

“I still love to cook, I don’t know how to cook small meals,” Barnes said. “If I cook, it would be to feed a whole family, but I still like to feed others.”

Barnes said when he started his business, he only sold roasted corn. Today, he’s expanded his menu to eight different options, including barbecue chicken, pork chop sandwiches and grilled potatoes.

Barnes said he plans to expand his menu further this summer and add vegetables as an alternative option for vegans and vegetarians.

Barnes said anyone can come to The Chug on a weekend night and find him grilling food and serving people.

Rece Barnes created this popular dish of grilled potatoes and barbecue chicken, topping it off with a homemade cheese sauce. Barnes is the owner of his own grill, GR8 Creations. Rece Barnes, photo provided

“Every Friday and Saturday night, I’ll be there from about nine o’clock in the evening until about three o’clock in the morning, when The Chug closes,” Barnes said.

Muncie resident and former Horizon Convention Center employee Sarah Starr said she loves GR8 Creations and has been eating at Barnes Grill for about three years.

“I’ve never experienced any other type of burger this way – it’s one of a kind,” Starr said. “I’m used to normal bread, hamburger mix, with ketchup and mayonnaise and things like that.”

Starr said his favorite items to eat on Barnes’ menu are grilled corn and the burger cookie because they have unique tastes.

“The cheese blend with the cracker and the burger just gives a very unique flavor,” Starr said. “I like both the burger and the corn, but I’ll have a piece of corn any day because he puts that [cheese] sauce on it and it’s amazing.

Starr said she’s never eaten at Barnes’ grill in front of The Chug, but normally surprises him at different local events.

“I’m not someone who’s usually in the Ball State area,” Starr said. “I normally attend when he’s settled in his house or if he goes to basketball games and street parties.”

Starr said she has enjoyed seeing Barnes’ business grow and she thinks more people can enjoy his food when he travels to different places.

“I am very proud of [his business],” she said. “I’m glad to see he’s branching out to other places and being able to bring his food to more people in the Muncie area.”

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