Ree Drummond’s Daughter ‘Doubts’ Her Enchilada Meal on ‘The Pioneer Woman’


The pioneer woman always prepares new and interesting meals for her family and the show. Ree Drummond made a series of meals with gravy. One such recipe was for her enchilada skillet. The meal looked delicious, but Alex Drummond admitted to having “doubts”. Here’s how it all happened.

Skillet Enchiladas from Ree Drummond

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Drummond’s enchilada skillet is quite simple to prepare. The key ingredient is canned enchilada sauce. Using pre-made ingredients is Drummond’s secret to whipping up a meal quickly and getting out of the kitchen so he can spend time with his family. She also uses canned black beans for this recipe. Canned items are on Drummond’s list of superhero shortcuts.

Another key ingredient is butter. Drummond prefers to sauté the vegetables in a pan of butter for extra flavor.

Alex Drummond says she ‘has second thoughts’ about enchilada

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At the start of the episode, Alex seemed enthusiastic about the enchilada skillet. As she watched her mother place the ingredients in the pan, she told her husband, Mauricio Scott, that she could start making this recipe. However, her thoughts changed as the cooking demonstration continued.

Alex began to have doubts after Drummond explained how she planned to incorporate the corn tortillas. She says her original plan was to layer the tortillas over the meat mixture and add cheese. However, Drummond changed his mind and decided to cut the corn tortillas into pieces and stir them into the meat.

Drummond says the tortillas “fall apart and become one with all the other ingredients.” She says preparing enchiladas this way adds corn flavor to all the meat. “It’s really, really tasty; you have to trust me on that,” Drummond says.

Alex intervenes and says that she “has doubts” about the course of this meal. “Don’t doubt your mother,” Drummond said. “Yes, mom,” replies Alex.

Drummond continues with his cooking demonstration, showing the cooks how to position the corn tortillas. She recommends making sure some of the corners are glued down so you can see the corners.

Before putting the pan in the oven, she sprinkles the mixture with cheese. She says you can add as much cheese as you want. The skillet enchilada turned out perfect and all was well.

Ree Drummond and her daughter appeared to clash earlier this year

This isn’t the first time Drummond and his daughter have had a difference of opinion over food. During one of The pioneer woman watch, Alex asks if the tarragon dressing is like ranch dressing.

Drummond says, “It’s like a creamy tarragon vinaigrette, which is exactly what I said I was going to do.” Drummond flashed his dazzling smile as he said this, but there was a hint of sarcasm in it. The Accidental Country Girl is known for joking, but there seemed to be an added hint of sarcasm.

Alex says, “I don’t know what tarragon is.” Drummond then tells his daughter that tarragon is an herb. She further explains that tarragon is “ranchy.” She says they are “garlic herbs with a creamy base.”

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