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Written by: Luke Osteen | Publish: July – 2022 | Photographed by: Marjorie Christiansen Photography

The Fix Experience is a wonderful indulgence to soothe post-pandemic ruffled feathers and rekindle the nearly lost tradition of languid meals (with dancing). Reservations are a must – call (828) 743-7477 or visit It is located at 3093 US 64 in Sapphire.


Over the past two years of reviews, I have repeatedly spoken of the fragile state of social cohesion amid so many pandemic restrictions.

The idea of ​​going out with friends for a meal and a party was clouded by the slightest hint of unease. The excitement of a bustling table could be drowned out by someone at another table enduring a fit of coughing.

Our once-a-month meal and gossip exchange with our friend Sarah Harkins stopped immediately and still hasn’t returned.

It was bad enough for me, but for my darling Tricia, a top notch storyteller and social butterfly, it had a real psychic impact.

And what would all of this do to our small Plateau communities, which are so dependent on the conversations and laughter that come with our adult meals and drinks?

Well, I needn’t have worried – Tricia and I and a small group of friends were comforted and coaxed by The Fix Experience offered by The Fix Restaurant, Bar & Lounge at Sapphire.

The Fix Experience is wonderfully indulgent, a full seduction of the senses with a six-course meal prepared by chef Jonathan Reid (with carefully calibrated wine pairings), an irresistible playlist by Doug Ramsay that served as both accompaniment and invitation to dance, and concierge-level attention from waiters Faith Hartle, Tanya Branham and Amber Powell. And the hostess Erica Nicole ensured the smooth running of the whole evening.

Although my word count is limited by the constraints of an overloaded July issue, I really must list the dishes that kept coming from Chef Jonathan’s clever kitchen (imagine each one was prepared with care and attention to detail).

First course: Sure Thing Oyster Progression – Oysters (one raw, one sweet mignonette, one cooked), herbs, spinach, watercress, lemon, foie gras, roasted red pepper and dutch liver;

Second course: Venison Carne Apache – Cervina, lime, capers, herbs, black garlic bone marrow aioli, cumin, bacon fat crouton, mango and passion fruit yolk and orange tuile ;

Course Three: Silky Corn Shot – Corn, cumin, cream, curry, coriander, creme fraiche, breadcrumbs and croutons (hostess Nicole challenged us to repeat this five times – go ahead and try it now !)

Fourth Course: Arancini – Green peas, asparagus tips, fresh mozzarella, gruyère, risotto, asparagus and smoked blue cream;

Fifth Course: Lightly Blackened Monkfish – Crispy Candied Tricolor Fry, Sea Island Red Peas, Natural Sauce, Beet Goat Cake with Herbs and Gorgonzola, and Roasted Red Pepper Beurre Rouge;

And finally, the glorious Sixth Course: White Chocolate Bread Pudding – an ingenious mix of French bread, chocolate chips and white chocolate cinnamon custard. (Pro tip: Save room for this masterpiece. You don’t want to lug this house around in a doggy bag or, worst of all, leave it untouched on the table.)

But as extraordinary as these dishes turned out to be, the capping of the evening, which made everything swing and gave me confidence that we would all have come out of the pandemic with our faculties intact and our connections even stronger social – The Fix Experience was jumping!

The conversations were animated, the ambient laughter was hoarse and the music was a real invitation to dance.

Even this reviewer dragged his trusty Awkward White Guy Rocking (a technique he learned his freshman year of high school) and wasn’t laughed off the dance floor.

If you can’t wait to rediscover your pre-covid joie de vivre and rekindle your good times spent with friends (and even with strangers – a nice couple joined us at our table!), The Fix Experience is your passport to the Good Moments that were almost lost.

Reservations are a necessity during the monthly Fix Experience.

The Fix Restaurant Bar and Lounge is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Wednesday through Monday – and enjoy live music every Wednesday evening.

For reservations and more information, call (828) 743-7477 or visit It is located at 3093 US 64 in Sapphire.

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